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RegCure Pro - Windows Registry Cleaner


RegCure Pro Windows Registry Cleaner

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RegCure Pro is the Advanced Windows Registry Cleaner and Computer Performance Optimizer which was released after the phenominal success of its predicessor RegCure Registry Cleaner. 


Download RegCure Pro Windows Registry Cleaner.
Designed to Speedup Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista
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Apart from being the industry standard Registry Cleaner for Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista, RegCure Pro has been redesigned introducing dozens of New Features to Repair all System Errors like DLL Errors, Runtime Errors, Kernel32 Errors, Repair Computer Freezes/Crashes, Optimze Memory, Reduce Application Opening Time, Remove Malware, Delete Privacy Files, Remove Internet History/Cache, Delete Junk/Temp Files, Speedup Windows Startup and even Defragment your Windows Registry to Optimize Your Computer Performance. RegCure Pro saves you a lot of money on PC/Laptop repair and unwanted trips to computer repair shop.


How Does RegCure Pro Optimize Your PC?

RegCure Pro has a core engine with artificial intelligence built into it. Once you Download Install and Run RegCure Pro, it will prompt you to do a System Scan. When you click Scan button, RegCure Pro will do a thorough checkup of your Computer which may take just a few seconds and display all the errors it has found. When you click the Fix Errors button, RegCure Pro will repair all the detected errors and Optimize your PC/Laptop for High Performance. Restart you computer after this and Feel the Power of Your Computer. A few of the important optimization that RegCure Pro does on your Computer is given below: -



RegCure Pro will Cleanup Invalid Shared DLL Windows Registry Errors

Invalid entries in the Shared DLLs section of the Registry can cause a certain type of application failure commonly known as "DLL Errors". RegCure Pro repairs wrong DLL entries in your Registry automatically and your will never again see a Windows DLL Error.



Cleanup COM/ActiveX Windows Registry Errors with RegCure Pro

Invalid COM or ActiveX object entries in the Windows registry can cause application failures, document and information loss, resulting in system crashes. RegCure Pro will scan and remove these entries automatically preventing your PC from Crashing.



Cleanup Incorrect Shell Extensions Windows Registry Errors

Shell extensions provide you with useful enhancements to the working environment of your PC. Invalid shell extension entries can cause irregularities that will frustrate and slow your Computer. The RegCure Pro scan will find these entries and removes them permanently.


Fix Windows Registry File/Path Errors

Some registry items can be associated with non-existent files and folders – such as when temporary files are used for storage. RegCure Pro will remove the invalid entries and improves PC speed.



RegCure Pro Optimize Windows Startup

RegCure Pro quickly finds and deletes missing program entries in the startup items area of the Windows registry. Incorrect installation of applications and programs will cause startup problems which will either freeze up your computer slow down loading of windows operating system. Some PDA Blue Tooth and peripheral device drivers and software startup automatically which slow down your computer startup time. Many memory consuming applications starting up with Windows are actually not needed and you can easily disable them with RegCure Pro.



RegCure Pro Cleans up Your Hard Disk

All computers will usually have thousands of duplicate files either created by some software in your pc or a virus or stored by you in various locations. These files fill up your hard disk space and reduces your computer performance. Finding duplicate and jun files is very difficult. RegCure Pro will find and remove all Junk/Duplicate files to make your computer perform faster and error free.



RegCure Pro Protects PC Privacy

You do not have to install a separate AntiSpam filters in your computer because RegCure Pro has an inbuilt ability to instantly remove all security and privacy compromising files from your PC/Laptop to protect your privacy online.


Download RegCure Pro Windows Registry Cleaner.
Designed to Speedup Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista
            Download RegCure Pro Now!        


Cleanup Application Paths Errors in Windows Registry with RegCure Pro

Disk directories that are not referenced correctly in the registry can often cause programs to fail. RegCure Pro will scan and fix the Application Paths section of the Window registry. 



RegCure Pro will Cleanup Windows Registry Uninstall Entries

When an application's installer does not correctly set up the uninstall process, the Registry becomes clogged with invalid information. RegCure Pro checks your registry for invalid information left behind by incorrect uninstall processes. This reduces Registry size and thus speeds up your PC. 



RegCure Pro will Cleanup Windows Registry Empty Keys

RegCure Pro will remove Registry keys that have no value which increases registry size, sweeping out the useless entries that clog up your system. This makes your computer more efficient.



Cleanup Invalid Program Shortcuts in Windows Registry with RegCure Pro

Incorrect program shortcuts can cause applications to take much longer to start – or simply stop them from running at all. RegCure Pro effortlessly finds these entries and removes them, thus Optimizes PC performance.




Cleanup Windows Registry Errors due to Invalid Font Entries with RegCure Pro

Often application errors – especially in Word processing applications like MS Word, Excel, Access etc are caused by missing or corrupt font files. RegCure Pro repairs wrong font entries and puts in the corrected font entries, ensuring that font files does not cause computer freezes or slow down PC performance.



RegCure Pro will Cleanup Windows Registry Errors due to Invalid Help Files

Often when you try to open a help file, Your Computer may freezes up or crash if the help file is missing or wrongly referenced. This happens because all software has a registry key pointing at the help file location, but most of these softwre never install a help file or will install the help file in a location different from the help file referenced in your Windows Registry. RegCure Pro takes repairs invalid help file references so you never have to worry about the registry containing incorrect help information.



RegCure Pro Stops Virus & Spyware

You do not need to install a separate AntiVirus or AntiSpyware software because RegCure Pro is designed to instantly detect and remove all Virus, Spyware, Adware, Malware etc. The latest Malware and Virus signatures gets automatically updated on a daily basis without any user input and thus your computer remains protected against the latest threat always.



RegCure Pro Stops Unwanted Processes

Your Computer Freezes when a process uses 100% CPU power and your mouse, keyboard & monitor screen appears frozen. You can manually press Ctrl, Alt, Del keys together to enter task manager and delete that application. But when it starts up next time your computer freezes again. RegCure Pro has been designed to fix this type computer freezes due to unwanted process, malware and virus usingup 100% CPU power.


Download RegCure Pro Windows Registry Cleaner.
Designed to Speedup Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista
            Download RegCure Pro Now!        


RegCure Pro Repairs File Association

Does a file fail to open on your computer? A file fails to open only when there is no program application associated with that file extension or format on your computer to view or edit it. The file association errors also happen when a newly installed software or a virus changes or corrupt a file association. And if the file opens in a different software and then you save it subsequently, then that file becomes unreadable and lost for ever. RegCure Pro is designed to repair all invalid file association by associating the correct file format to the correct software application it should open with. In case the correct software that opens or edits a file is not available on your PC then RegCure Pro will search online and helps you download the file viewer or editor as required. This is a function of the Windows Registry and RegCure Pro does it very well and you do not need to install another software for this job.


The superb advanced features of RegCure Pro Computer Repair Software goes way beyond any normal registry cleaner available online today. RegCure Pro has just the right tools which any computer user needs to repair all sorts of computer problems like computer freezes, crashes, windows error messages, blue screen errors, dll errors, runtime errors, system32 errors, kernel32 errors, etc. This speeds up your computer performance back to your computer's 100% design performance and get you the same feel your computer gave when it was bought brand new. You can Download RegCure Pro and find out for yourself.


RegCure Pro also contains tools that will help you to remove Virus, Malware, Spyware, Adware, and much more. You do not need to buy any antivirus and antispyware software separately when you have RegCure Pro installed in your computer. This saves you a lot of money you spend buying other such software and also it saves all the system resources used by additional software that could have slowed down your computer performance. So RegCure Pro is surely a great tool to keep your computer error free and performing at its peak levels always.



How Does Windows Registry Get Corrupted ?

A brand new computer with freshly loaded Windows operating system will not have any type of Registry Errors. But the moment you start installing devices drivers and other software applications separately, thousands of entries are entered into the Windows registry. Along with these thousands of registry entries, there will be hundreds of registry errors also getting added by these software and drivers you are installing into your PC/Laptop. The larger the size of the registry, the more the errors. Larger registry size makes your CPU run mad at 100% power to find even a single registry entry it needs. Many a times some software you install will either overwrite and corrupt a registry entry which Windows needs.


How RegCure Pro Fix Computer Freezes & Crashes ?

RegCure Pro easily repairs Computer Freezes and Crashes. Some times a software may modify or remove a Windows essential registry entry. In all these cases when your Windows Operating System searches the Registry for a necessary registry entry to execute a task, it will either find a corrupted entry or a will never be able to find the registry entry which was deleted by a software during uninstallation or modified during the software installation. In such cases your Windows Operating system may keep searching for this missing registry entry or gets stuck at a corrupted registry entry after which it cannot proceed further. You will see that your mouse and keyboard are not responding or your monitor screen freeze up. Later Windows Error Message or Blue Screen may appear. Your computer freezes followed by a crash at times which may wipe off all the data on your hard disk.



How to Detect Registry Errors with RegCure Pro ?

Windows Registry contains millions of entries. You can edit your Windows Registry manually by typing "RegEdit.exe" at the command prompt. But editing registry manually is humanly impossible and not advised by computer experts because you can corrupt or delete registry entries if you do not have sufficient knowledge. This is the reason RegCure Pro was designed. RegCure Pro is professional software that can automatically detect all the registry errors. RegCure Pro scans your Windows Registry in depth and finds out each and every corrupted and missing registry entries causing computer freezes and crashes as well as the thousands of empty registry keys that just adds up to your registry size and slow down your computer performance. You can either manually correct these registry entires yourself or use the automatic registry cleaning options which needs a licence once you registrer RegCure Pro. Registering your copy of RegCure Pro will ensure that you get Free updates to the RegCure Pro Software and also get latest Malware signature updates which will keep your computer maintained without any extra effort from you. Follow these steps below to repair your Windows registry errors for a clean, healthy registry to boost you computer performance to its peak levels.

  • Download RegCure Pro
  • RegCure works on all 32/64 bit versions of Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista
  • Double click the downloaded file to install RegCure Pro in your computer
  • Run RegCure Pro and Click on the Scan.
  • RegCure Pro will Deep Scan your PC/Laptop and display all the detected erors.
  • Click on the Fix Errors option
  • Register RegCure Pro Online to get the serial number
  • Put the serial number to convert RegCure Pro to full version.
  • RegCure Pro will cleanup all the registry errors.
  • In addition RegCure Pro will also remove junk/duplicate files, cleanup internet history and privacy files,
  • RegCure Pro will also remove virus, malware, spyware, adware etc
  • And finally RegCure Pro will Defragment your Windows Registry which Optimizes Your PC for High Performance.
  • Restart your computer and feel the Power and Performance of your computer as good as New.

Download RegCure Pro Windows Registry Cleaner.
Designed to Speedup Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista
            Download RegCure Pro Now!