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FileCure - Repair File Extension & Association Errors

File not opening? Unknown file format? Unrecognized file extension. Windows cannot open a file because the File has no program associated with it? All these file association and file extension errors can be easily solved with Filecure. It is a small software that can easily repair all such problems.  Download FileCure   It is a small powerful software that can open any unsupported file by repairing file association errors. Filecure opens almost all types of files in their original viewers and editors. Filecure also associates the correct software application with the correct file extension.It is capable of opening any file format with any file extension by just dragging the file and dropping into the software. Filecure lets you view any file even if that file's associated editor software is not installed in your computer. Next time you receive an unknown type of file in your email or on a cd/usb etc you can simply drag the unsupported file with your mouse on FileCure and it will be opened. Read more..