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Speedup PC Performance

Speedup PC/Laptop Performance


Speedup PC Performance with Easy Speed PC
Speedup PC Performance in 3 minutes


How to Speedup Your PC Performance ?

To Speedup PC Performance I need to clean up over 1692 errors this Award Winning Software Easy Speed PC has detected in my computer. And my computer is just a few months old and already there are thousands of errors in it. It is manually possible to repair or cleanup a few of these detected errors. But things like Windows Registry Errors needs an expert with full Windows knowledge and experience. This means that with so many errors my computer is already running slow at 50% of its rated performance or less. When I cleanup these errors my computer speed will be restored back to its designed performance rating.

Speedup PC Performance Permanently

Permanent Computer Speedup solutions do not exist. Because the Windows Registry, which is the nerve center of your computer is read and written continuously by Windows as well as all the software programs when ever you install, uninstall and when ever you use them. To execute every task Windows has to refer the Registry. But often registry entries gets over written or removed by badly designed software you install in your computer. This causes your Windows to look for registry entries which are either missing or corrutped and your computer becomes sluggish. Some critical missing or corrupted Windows registry entires will cause Computer Freezes followed by a crash. Even virus and spyware corrupt your Windows registry. Even incorrect shutting down of PC like pulling power cable out corrupts Windows registry. Thus you need to clean up Registry errors very regularly. Easy Speed PC can make your life easy by detecting and cleaning up thousands of errors in your computer which may be slowing down your computer performance and causing Computer Freezes/Crashes. Thus Speeding computer performance permanently is not possible in one go, but you need to continue cleaning up computer errors regularly whenever you find that your computer performance has degraded.

Optimize Windows Registry to Speedup PC Performance

Windows Registry is like an index of a large book with millions of pages in it. Whenever you switch on your computer or open a file or use a software, Windows and your software look up the Registry for location of files, folders, device drivers to load, Windows settings, configurations, policies, services etc. If any one of them is not found or address is wrong, Windows goes into a confused state. Normally 20 seconds is required by windows to realise that something is wrong. Imagine 900 wrong entries in your Windows registry as you see in my computer below. This screenshot of Easy Speed PC Free Scan, explained why my computer was slow in starting up and running. All that I need to do now is to click on the Fix button in green to cleanup all these errors and speedup my pc performance.

Speedup Your PC Performance

Speedup PC Performance with Easy Speed PC
Repair and Optimize Your PC Performance in 3 minutes



In the above screenshot more than 900 Windows Registry errors have been detected when Easy Speed PC scanned my Windows Registry. A single mouse click on the Fix button will cleanup all these errors and optimize my Windows Registry to restore my computer to its 100% original rated performance. You can Free Download Easy Speed PC and do a Free Scan of your computer to find out what is slowing down your computer. In the subsequent paragraphs you will find each of the above registry errors which Easy Speed PC has detected in my computer and why it is important to clean up these errors to speedup pc performance to my computer's original design rated performance.

Fix Software Locations to Speedup PC Performance

To speedup pc/laptop performance especially when you are opening a program, you will need to ensure that the shortcuts and locations of the software is correctly reflected in the Windows registry. If you see that on double clicking a program or application, it is taking ages to open, then the shortcut in the windows registry is wrong and Windows is now searching through the entire registry with millions entries in it. Even if you are a computer expert you will take a few minutes to find the wrong entry in the registry and repair it. Easy Speed PC can do this in a few seconds.


Easy Speed PC Screenshots

Speedup PC Performance with Easy Speed PC
Speedup PC Performance in 3 minutes


Fix Shared Program DLL to Speedup PC Performance

DLL files are known to slow down computers drastically in many ways. So repairing shared dll of programs installed in your computer is an essential requirement to speed up pc performance. DLL stands for Dynamic Link Library. All programs or applications work on one or the other DLL files. Some software use the original Windows DLL files also. When installing a software, it installs its DLL file also. Some times a DLL file may be in the same location and name as an existing DLL of another software or that of Windows itself. In such a case if you upgrade your windows operating system or another software that uses this DLL file, then they install a new DLL file version required by that software or Windows version which may not be compatible with the other software which were using the old DLL version and that software will stop functioning. Some software and Windows updates automatically and installs new DLL versions by renaming the old DLL to a different name or changing that DLL file location and this problem will occur very frequently. In such cases the registry will point to the wrong location in the windows registry and your old software using that DLL file will make your computer performance sluggish or even cause a computer freeze and crashes. Easy Speed PC can easily find such problems and repair these errors making the right DLL file associated with the correct software and thus speedup pc performance.

Fix File Association Errors and Speedup PC Performance

To Speedup your PC Performance, it is mandatory for a word file with an extension .doc to open with MS word application because wrong file association errors slow down computer performance and even freeze up your computer. A .pdf file should open with an acrobat reader. An swf flash movie file must open with a flash player. Now if you try to open a .pdf file with MS Word then you will not be able to read what opens up in MS word. Worst is when this wrongly opened file is saved in word because after saving the opened pdf file using word, the file is totally lost because this saved file cannot be opened even by acrobat reader which was the original application associated with pdf files. The file association can change due to a wrong file association to incorrect software, or opened by you and saved in a wrong format, or a virus/spyware attack, or by installing a software that uses the same file extension. Wrong file association errors must be rectified not only to speedup pc performance but also to ensure that your file which you worked hard to create is not lost because of a wrong application opening it or saving it in unreadable format. Use Easy Speed PC to repair all incorrect file association and file extension errors and ensure that your pc performance is maintained at its peak level always.

Fix Com/ActiveX Errors and Speedup PC Performance

COM (component object model), OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) which later became ActiveX were invented by microsoft to allow various software applications to share information between them. Many microsoft applications and services use ActiveX components abundantly. But ActiveX grew out of its shoes and hackers started using this dynamic model for wrong purposes. So getting ActiveX errors has become a big problem that slow down pc performance and even allows spyware/virus to attack your computer. Thus you need to fix the COM/ActiveX errors immediately to ensure trouble free computer experience and speedup pc performance.

Easy Speed PC Protects Your Privacy Online

Are you aware that most of your files containing your privacy are left in your temporary folders and internet browser cache/temp folders? A hacker just needs to search your computer online or use a spyware to easily get hold of these files and it happens without you ever coming to know. So it is very important that you cleanup all these privacy and identity compromising files regularly to protect yourself from online frauds. Easy Speed PC helps you to perform this function effortlessly. So it is not just another computer speedup software but much more than that.


Easy Speed PC Screenshots


Speedup PC Performance with Easy Speed PC
Speedup PC Performance in 3 minutes


Speedup PC Startup Performance

If you find that your computer startup is taking unusually long, then you must stop a few programs and services from starting up with Windows startup when you switch on your computer. Ideally, PC should startup in a few seconds. But many hardware and software while being installed will put a registry entry to start up that software or load that driver every time you start up your computer. This may not be required. You can always startup that software or hardware driver only when you need. For example, when you install printer driver, the associated printer drivers and even the photo editing software also is made to startup every time you switch on your computer even if you are not going to print anything or edit any photo. Such items can be easily disabled from starting up with windows using Easy Speed PC to speedup pc performance and especially to reduce computer start up times to under 15 seconds.

Remove Uninstall Entries to Speedup PC Performance

Slow PC Performance is also caused by uninstall entries. When you install a software it writes thousands of entries into your Windows Registry. As you use the software every time it adds hundreds of entries into the windows registry. But when you uninstall this software it leaves behind all those entries. Even well designed software from well known software companies are known to leave behind all these thousands of useless registry entries because some of those registry entries may be required by either Windows or other software. But most often they are not requied at all. So the whole purpose of uninstalling a software to speedup pc performance will go a waste if you do not remove these useless and redundant registry entries that causes large windows registry size and unwanted fragmentation of other registry entries. So to speedup your pc performance it is very important to cleanup windows registry and defragment the registry which can be easily achieved using Easy Speed PC  the award winning computer error repair and pc speedup software with just two mouse clicks.

Fix Help File References to Speedup PC Performance

Very often a software may write a Windows registry entry regarding the help file location, but fails to install the help file as they may have given an online reference. This means that when you click the help button in that software, your computer reads the registry entry about the location of that help file in your computer and will not find it because it was not installed. In this case your computer gets into a confused mode looking for a missing file and may freeze up or crash. To avoid this situation, you must repair all the help file references in your Windows registry prevent computer freezeup/crash and speedup your pc performance.

Fix Incorrect Font & Sound Files to Speedup PC Performance

There are hundreds of fonts and sound files are installed in your computer in the Windows/Font folder. Some are installed by Windows during installation and some are added as and when you install software like photo editors, word processors, audio players/software. Unfortunately all the fonts and sounds gets loaded in to the memory (RAM) when ever your computer is started up. So first you need to ensure that every windows registry entry pointing to any font is correct and the font actually exists. Otherwise your computer will slow down being in confused mode or you will experience computer freezes/crash. Thus you must cleanup Windows Font errors and sound file locations errors from the registry. You can check if there is any font or sound file related problems existing with your computer using Easy Speed PC It is also advisable to remove any font/sound file you may not require to speedup pc performance. Windows installed fonts and sound files may not get uninstalled because windows protects it.

Remove Temporary Registry Values to Speedup PC Performance

Windows and all software you use create many temporary folders in the Windows/Temp folder to store files for short durations when you are working with software and windows explorer. Your web browsers like internet explorer, firefox, chrome etc also create folders to store temporary internet files. These files are created in the temp folder for present use as well as save time in loading these files back if you reuse them. But once created these files are never removed from your computer unless you go and physically delete them. But remember that each temporary file has an associated windows registry entry also being created which does not get removed. Thus your hard disk space is eaten up by these temporary files, windows registry size and fragmentation increase and all of these work to slow down your computer and eventually freezeup and crash your computer. To prevent this, you need to cleanup all junk, duplicate and temporary files on a regular basis. And you also need to remove these useless temporary registry entries from the windows registry. Download Easy Speed PC  and do all the above mentioned tasks in a matter of seconds, cleaning up all your computer problems, preventing computer freezes, computer crashes and Optimize your pc for high performance in two mouse clicks in under 3 minutes.


Easy Speed PC Screenshots

Easy Speed PC - System Req

Windows 8, 7, XP, Vista, 2000
10 mb Hard Drive Space to install
Pentium III Processor
Download Size - 2 mb


Speedup PC Performance with Easy Speed PC
Speedup PC Performance in 3 minutes