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FileCure - Fix & Open Any Unsupported Files & File Extensions

What is FileCure ?

FileCure repairs all file association and extension errors in your computer and allows you to open a file in its associated program. A file does not open when the associated program is not installed in your Computer or a wrong programs gets associated with a particular file extension and that software fails to open your file. FileCure detects these problems and repairs them inside your Windows Registry repairing all File Association and File Not Opening errors. FileCure also downloads the required file viewers to your PC.


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What is a File Extension?

A file extension is the three or more letters after a dot in the file name. By default microsoft operating system keeps the file extension hidden. This just a safety feature so that you do not change the extension of the file by accident. You can see the file extension of all files in Windows Explorer using Tools/FolderOptions/View and removing the tick mark from "hide known extensions"


The Windows Operating System recognizes a file with its 3 letter extension. For example .txt is a text file. (eg FileName.txt) In the Windows explorer however, you may see only the FileName because .txt extension is hidden. You can enable this from the Tools/Options in the Windows Explorer. Not only Windows, but each program recognizes its associated file using this 3 letter extension. For example Microsoft Word will open all files that has a .doc extension, your notepad will open all files with .txt extension, your winzip will open all .zip files. An example of 4 letter file extension is .html


Different versions of the same software application opens a file that has a different extension. For example, .doc files can be opened by MS Word in Office 97, 2000, XP etc. But only MS Word application in the MS Office 2007 can open .docx file. If you do not have this new Office installed in your computer then you may not be able to open this .docx file because your Windows PC or Laptop does not recognize and fails to open the file and you may even get a Virus warning.


There are hundreds of file extensions being used today, because each software manufacturer makes his own 3 letter file extension. So it becomes difficult to find out which application opens which file extension. This is where you will need a dedicated professional software like FileCure that will automatically open any file with any extension with its associated software program. FileCure will also fix extension associated with wrong software to the correct program that will open the file.




How Does File Associations Fail ?

Very often once you open a file with the wrong program and then press the save button, you will permanently corrupt that file and that file can not be recovered. For example you can open any file with notepad or wordpad using the right click mouse button on any file in the Windows Explorer and selecting wordpad or notepad. But if you now press the save button in notepad after opening that file, the file gets damaged because it now gets stored as a .txt file and cannot be opened or used by its own associated program later.


FileCure opens all your unsupported Files. You don't need to download a file editing software to view a file. For example a .pdf file (Adobe Portable Document) can be viewed by any Free PDF file viewer. However, to create or edit a PDF file you may need Adobe PDF which will cost you over 400 dollars. Similarly, an MS Word .doc file needs MS Office to edit. But you can view .doc files with a free Word Viewer application in Filecure.


Prevention is better than cure. Download FileCure Now and correct all the file associations to their original programs and view your files with free viewers available online saving money otherwise you would have spent buying unwanted software applications just to view a file.


Common File Extensions

A list of a few common file extensions are given below for your knowledge with the programs that open them. There are thousands of extensions today. Mathematically, using 4 alpahbets for extensions you can have is 26x26x26=17576 But with 4 alpahbets the file extensions possible is 26x26x26x26=456976 extensions.  Download FileCure which is a Professional software to repair all file extension, wrong program to file associations & file not opening problems in your computer.


.OGG  - File Extension OGG   - Compressed File »
.PDF   - File Extension PDF    - Portable Document Format File »
.PNG   - File Extension PNG    - Compressed Files »
.PPS   - File Extension PPS     - Slide Show File »
.PPT   - File Extension PPT     - Project File »
.PS     - File Extension PS       - Vector Image »
.PSD   - File Extension PSD    - Image File »
.PST   - File Extension PST     - Personal Information File »
.PTB   - File Extension PTB     - Backup File »
.PUB   - File Extension PUB     - Document File »
.RAM   - File Extension RAM   - Audio Files »
.RAR   - File Extension RAR    - Compressed File »
.RM     - File Extension RM      - Media Files »
.RTF   - File Extension RTF    - Text Files »
.SEA   - File Extension SEA     - Compressed File »
.SES   - File Extension SES     - Audition Session File »
.SIT     - File Extension SIT      - Stuffit Archive File »
.SQL   - File Extension SQL    - Structured Query Language Data File »
.SS      - File Extension SS      - Sam Spade Script File »
.SWF   - File Extension SWF   - Flash Movie File »
.TGZ   - File Extension TGZ    - Gzipped Tar File »
.TIF     - File Extension TIF      - Tagged Image File »
.TTF    - File Extension TTF    - TrueType Font File »
.TXT    - File Extension TXT     - Plain Text File »
.WAV   - File Extension WAV    - WAVE Audio File »
.WMA   - File Extension WMA  -  Windows Media Audio File »
.WMV   - File Extension WMV   - Windows Media Video File »
.WPD   - File Extension WPD    - WordPerfect Document File »
.WPS   - File Extension WPS    - Microsoft Works Word Processor File »
.XLS    - File Extension XLS     - Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet File »
.ZIP     - File Extension ZIP      - Zipped File »


FileCure - Fix File Association Problems

FileCure is a very fast and easy to use file repair tool that repairs all wrong file associations and file opening problems with a single mouse click. FileCure easily opens any unsupported file format with any file extension. FileCure also recommends and downloads the software that your PC or Laptop needs to edit an unsupported file or file that does not show any recognizable icon.       Download  FileCure  Now


FileCure Screenshot

Filecure Opens Unsupported Files & Extensions



FileCure Features

  •  Repairs all File Not Opening Errors
  •  Repairs File Extension Errors
  •  Repairs Incorrect File Association Errors
  •  Repairs Invalid File Extension Errors
  •  Identifies & Repairs Files without any Extensions
  •  Downloads Correct File Viewer Free
  •  Recommends Program to Edit any File
  •  Opens Unknown Internet Downloaded Files
  •  Opens Unknown Email Attachments with No Extension
  •  Opens Even Compressed Files
  •  Alerts if a Program or Virus Changes File Association
  •  Cutting Edge Technology
  •  Allows Drag & Drop Function
  •  Exhaustive Database of Extensions
  •  Extensions Database is Updated Daily
  •  24 x 7 Customer Care & Support
  •  Free Program Updates
  •  Works on XP/VISTA & Windows 7

FileCure Requirements

  • Intel Pentium III or compatible processor
  • At least 256 Megabytes (MB) of RAM
  • 20 MB free hard disk space required for initial installation
  • Internet connection


FileCure Windows Requriement

  • Windows  8           (32 Bit & 64 Bit )
  • Windows  7           (32 Bit & 64 Bit )
  • Windows Vista      (32 Bit & 64 Bit )
  • Windows XP          (32 Bit & 64 Bit )


        Download  FileCure  Now

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