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Computer Freezes and Crashes

Most Computer Freezes and PC Crashes happen due to either Windows Errors or problems with the Software that you installed in your PC or Laptop. The most common Windows Error Messages pertains to DLL Errors, Runtime Errors, Kernel32 Errors, System32 Errors etc which causes Windows Blue Screen Errors telling you that your Computer has stopped responding or has been halted. You may either restart your computer yourself or sometimes it may restart on its own. If you were in the middle of work and had not saved it then everything is lost.Computer Freezes and Crashes could be due to two reasons. The first reason could be a hardware failure. Replacing the failed hardware should stop your computer from freezing and crashing. The other reason for computer freezes and crashes is a software related and this problem can be solved by Repairing Windows Registry Errors. Windows has been designed around the Registry which is the heart and nervous system of Windows operating system. Easily Repair Windows Registry Errors for High Computer Performance at your Original Rated Computer Speed.

Repair Computer Freezes - Loose Power/Data Cables

Hardware Errors often Freezes and Crashes Computers. Often power cable or data cable connection becomes loose. When either power or data is missing even for a few milli seconds, your Computer's CPU freezes up because computers are very sensitive to power fluctuations and missing data. To fix loose cables, just open your desktop PC cabinet and pull out and re-insert all the data and power cables firmly one at a time.

Repair Computer Freezes - (RAM) Memory Module Problems

Improper Memory Module (RAM) contact also cause Computer Freezes and Crashes. The Memory Module has hundreds of contact points made of gold. If any of them is not making proper contact then arcing will happen and carbon gets deposited on the contacts. By just pulling out and re-inserting the Meomory module this problem cannot be solved. You need to remove the carbon deposit from the contacts. This can be done by using a normal pencil eraser. Just rub the eraser on the contacts gently to remove the carbon deposits. Once the contact points start gleaming golden, you can re-insert the RAM back into the slot. If your computer was freezing up due to the Memory Module then you have solved the Computer Freezes and Crashes already. I have told this trick on my PC and told it to many of my friends. This trick works almost always.

Repair Computer Freezes Due To Hardware Failures

The other reason could be a failed hard disk, CD rom etc has failed. If you are an expert then you can guess which hardware has failed. If not then what you need to do is identity which hardware has failed using the technique explained here and replace the failed hardware with a new hardware. It is a bit difficult to find the failed hardware. If you have the time and patience then, try disconnecting your CD rom first and restart you Computer. If your computer does not freeze up, then the CD rom needs to be chanaged. To reconfirm that the CD Rom has a problem, you can install the CD rom into another PC and check if the problem. Similarly, you can check the serviceability of other hardware like hard disk, power supply unit, motherboard, memory modules etc. If you have another PC then you can try installing one hardware at a time in that to check if each of your hardware is working normally. Once you identity the hardware that has failed then you can replace it with a new one. Hardware prices have come down and the features have improved many times. So it is better to buy a new hardware and install it rather than get frustrated with computer freezes and crashes.

Windows Registry Errors Cause Computer Freezes and Crashes

Most Computer Freezes and Crashes happens purely because of the errors in the Windows Registry of Your Computer. Windows Error Messages just tell you if it is a DLL error, Kernel32 error, System32 Error, Runtime error etc. But the problem actually eminates from your Windows Registry. Windows allows you to manually edit the registry. But it is dangerous because if you make an error during registry editing then you computer could freeze up or crash. It is better to use a Professional Windows Registry Cleaner Software. Download PC Health Advisor which not only repairs your Windows Registry Errors, but it also Updates all your Windows Device Drivers, removes all junk/duplicate files freeing up a lot of space and improving hard disk data access times and thus Optimizes your overall Computer Performance. It also Blocks Malware instantly and even protects your Identity online. You can Try PC Health Advisor Free

Computer Mouse Cursor on Monitor Screen Freezes

Very often you find that your Cursor is not moving on the screen when you move your mouse. Most computer mouse available today are optical. The mouse is kept at a constant height from your table surface by three contact points. The optical mouse detects the reflected red light. But some dirt deposit on the contact points raise the mouse up increasing the distance the light has to travel and mouse fails to detect the light coming late as it had to travel more distance. If you see the bottom of your computer mouse, you will find some sticky dirt deposited on these contact points. Just clean it with your finger nails and your mouse should start working. Even ball type computer mouse will have a lot of dirt deposited on its contact points. But in addition you also will have to open the lid around the mouse ball by rotating it anti clockwise. Remove the ball and clean it. Also you will find a band of dirt deposited on the two rollers inside. Use a screw driver or a tooth pick to clean this hard dirt and put the back mouse ball and close it. Your Computer mouse freezing problem should be solved.

Media Player Stops Playing CD/DVD and Computer Freezes Up

An incorrectly burned or badly scratched CD or DVD can stop playing on your CD ROM. The sound may also stop playing or starts repeating in short bursts. It continues for a while and then your Comptuer Freezes up. This happens because the Media Player that was playing your video or audio is unable to read the data written due to incorrect CD burning or scratches on it. This makes Windows a bit confused as continuous data stops because the read head of the CD/DVD Rom is still in the process of trying to read the bad data and finally interprets this unreadable data into something that Windows does not understand and Freezes up your Computer or even cause a Computer Crash. The precaution against this is easy. Just see that you are not inserting badly scratched CD or DVD into your Computer. Also, if there is dirt and fungus deposit on the surface of the CD or DVD clean it with a bit of moisture from your breath and wipe it with a lint free soft cloth (lint free means a cloth that does not leave strands or fibre on the surface when you use it to wipe the cd/dvd). You must ensure that you wipe the CD or DVD only radially outwards from the center and not in a circling motion to avoid scratching the disk with the cloth. You may also use a good disk cleaning solution that is available in the market which is much safer.

Computer Freezes on Inserting a Data CD/DVD

Does your Computer freezesup immediately on inserting a data disk. This problem is similar to the CD/DVD problem explained in the previous paragraph. The read head starts reading the disk data the moment you insert a disk into the CD Rom because all Windows Operating system has "AutoRun" enabled by default. When there is corrupt file, or the writing laser had failed during a CD burning or there are scratch/damage to the CD/DVD the read head cannot read what is burned on the disk. The CD Rom tries again and again to read the bad data and Windows which was waiting data gets confused as to what is happening. Windows most likely will tell to freeze the application or that process and give out an error message. If the CD/DVD is physically damaged, mostly your Computer may freezeup. Cleaning your data disk is one way to resolve this problem. But if all the CD/DVD that you insert is failing one by one, then your CD Rom read lens needs cleaning. To clean the lens you can buy a lens cleaning CD which has a small brush fixed on the CD. When you insert this cleaning CD, the computer will start running it. Whenever the brush on the CD contacts the lens, it will clean any fungus or dirt sticking on the laser lens. You can also use a few drops of lens cleaning solution on the brush for better cleaning. But use it with caution and as a last option and only if absolutely essential because using the cleaning cd too often can damage the lens especially in case if it is a CD/DVD writer lens.

Computer Freezes and Crashes When Opening a File

It is very common for a Computer to Freeze up during the process of opening a file. The main cause being either the file is corrupted or you have a hardware problem like hard disk bad sector. When you see your computer not responding for a long time when you are trying to open a file, you may press escape button on keyboard. If your computer is not responding then, try pressing three keys together - "Ctrl Alt Del". This should bring up the Task Manager. Open the task manager and you will find a service or program that is running at 100% or using up your full CPU power (other than System Idle Process). Click on that high CPU using program and press del button to stop it. Your computer should return to normal. That file or software which was freezing up your computer needs to be reinstalled as it is corrupted or damaged.

Hard Disk Bad Sector Freezes and Crashes Computers

Bad Sectors on your hard disk can lead to Computer Freezes and crashes. Bad sector is that part of your hard disk magnetic surface where data cannot be read or written to by the read write head of your hard disk. Any data on the bad sector is lost for ever. To check if it is a hard disk has any bad sector you may run "ChkDsk.exe" To do this press Windows Key and R Key together. This brings up the Run dialog box into which you must type chkdsk and press enter. You will get a black box where Windows starts running the check disk program which will check all the files and folders for integrity and also checks up your hard disk surface. If there is a bad sector on your hard disk then chkdsk will write the address of that bad sector in the boot sector of your hard disk. Windows will never again read or write anything in that part of your hard disk and thus your computer freezing problem due to bad sector is rectified. It is strongly recommended that you use the chkdsk function at least once a month. Optimize Your Hard Disk Performance to ensure that your computer does not freeze up or crash because of a hard disk problem. Remember that what ever your CPU speed, 4 Ghz or 40 Ghz, if your hard disk is not defragmented regularly and the data access times is not optimised then you will not be able to get the full potential out of your computer inspite of having spent a lot of money buying a high end computer. Most people ignore the value of hard disk optimization and live with a high end computer with low performance.

Playing Games Freezes up and Crashes Computer

Computer games take up a lot of memory and other system resources. If your computer has less memory then it will very likely make your computer games run slow. This is because when the memory runs out, Windows moves all the unwanted data or data not immediately required into your hard disk to a file called page file to make space available in the RAM for new immediately required data. Now when the data which was transferred into the hard disk is required, then Windows will have to once again shift it back into the RAM. This will cause undue delays and makes your computer game run very slow and sluggish. Some games are not designed to run on slow machines like this and the game engine freezes up when required data does not come to it in time and causes frustrating Computer Crashes and Freezes. One way of running games fast on your PC or Laptop and preventing computer freezes is to add more memory to your computer if there is another memory slot available. If not replace the existing RAM with another with a higher capacity depending on how much your game requires.

CPU Overheating Freezes Computer Screen

The CPU or Central Processing Unit running at over 3 or 4 GHz speeds when being fully utilised by a program starts generating high heat. The CPU has a heat sink that is always in contact with it. The heat sink has a fan fitten on top its fins. The fins give more area for the air thrown by the CPU fan to dissipate the heat. But at times the contact between the CPU and the heat sink breaks if the lugs holding the cpu heat sink becomes loose. This causes the CPU to overheat in seconds as the heat is not being removed by the heat sink. The motherboard has BIOS (Basic In Out System) which is programmed to stop the CPU if the heat exceeds a certain degree centigrade as a safety measure to prevent your CPU from burning out. Once the BIOS operates this function and halts your CPU your Computer Freezes. The only way is to press the reset button to restart your computer. You can set this temperature to a lower value to prevent damage to your computer. I recommend 60 deg C as a good figure for safety. To enter the BIOS restart your computer and keep pressing the "Del" button repeatedly. A word of caution is that do not change any setting that you do not understand in the BIOS as it will make your computer freeze up or slow down the performance. A good practice is to note down the default values of anything you are changing so that you can revert back if your computer runs slow or freezes up after you changed a BIOS setting. But this being a hardware issue your computer will freeze up once again after restart when the CPU overheats. To solve CPU overheating problem, you should open your computer cabinet and see that the heat sink has not become loose. If so then you need to check the heat sink clip and lock it properly for full contact with CPU. In case you remove the CPU heat sink, then you need to apply a thin layer of heat sink compount on the flat surface that contacts the CPU. The heat sink compount conducts heat more efficiently to the heat sink. If you have a laptop then see that the fan is working by keeping your palm to see if hot air is being thrown out. If the fan has failed then laptop freezes in a similar fashion.

Computer Freezes and Crashes When Viruses/Malware Attack

Computer Freezes could be due to a virus or a malware attack. Basically a virus is nothing but a small software program written with a bad intention. The virus is designed to either crash your computer, make your computer performance to slow down as it uses up a lot of system resources or to wipe out all your hard disk data without a trace. The virus is designed to activate on a certain day, date or time. Thus you do not realise that a virus or a malware has been downloaded without your knowledge and it has installed itself on your computer. Not only that the virus is also designed to replicate itself and send itself to all computers connected to your computer on LAN or internet. It can even send itself attached to every mail you send from your PC. And after all this, the virus will come alive and cause your computer to freeze up or crash with or without erasing all your hard disk data. There are over one million malware site on the internet and you will be visiting one of them every five minutes during surfing. Experts world over are advising computer users to buy and install antivirus software in their computer before connecting to internet. If you already have an Anti-Virus installed in your computer, then ensure that you download the latest virus definitions and patches regularly. Remember prevention is always better than cure. A few dollars spent on buying a good Anti-Virus Software will save you a lot of money, time and frustration in the future.

Repair Windows Errors. Fix PC Freeze and Crash. Speedup Your Computer Performance in 2 minutes - Click here

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