What is Windows Registry ?

Windows Registry is the nerve center of your computer without which Windows operating system just cannot function. All the details of your computer is contained in your PC registry. Windows as well as all the programs installed in your pc or laptop continuously keeps refering to windows registry for finding the files on your hard disk, find instructions to execute task, find the settings and configurations of your computer, find the hardware and load their device drivers and much more.

Everytime you install a software, it will write registry entries and as you keep using your computer and these installed programs, they keep writing new registry entries every day increasing the size of the registry. But when you uninstall a software, it leaves all these thousands of useless registry entries behind. Everytime your computer searches for instruction in the Windows registry it need to search through all these useless redundant registry entries also which makes your computer sluggish and you may experience slow computer performance. A single registry error can freeze up and crash your computer.

Cleaning up Windows Registry errors regularly will ensure that your computer performance is always at peak levels and prevents computer freezes and crashes. After repairing registry errors you also need to defragment your windows registry. The inbuilt Windows defragmenter cannot defragment your registry. It is meant for hard disk data defragmentation. So you may need a professional software like registry booster which can repair all your registry errors in all the five sections of your windows registry and there after defragment your registry for optimizing your computer for high performance.

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Uniblue Registry Booster is very simple to use windows registry cleaner and registry defragmenter software designed to work on all 32/64 bit versions of Windows 7/XP/Vista. Registrybooster comes from the famous and respected software vendor Uniblue that has won over a hundred Awards and certificates from all the major Software Certification Authorities around the world. I use Uniblue Registry Booster and strongly recommend it all those who want to get maximum performance from their computer and an error free computing experience.

Uniblue Registry Booster
The Advanced Technology Windows Registry  Repair & PC Performance Optimizer Software
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