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Uniblue Registry Booster has one more unique feature which is the startup registry optimization. By default once Windows is fully loaded into the memory you cannot remove some files and registry errors. This makes it difficult for removal of certain registry errors without rebooting your computer. To avoid this, Registry Booster launches automatically during your computer startup and runs a thorough scan of your entire computer and registry. Once all the registry errors are detected, Registry Booster will display you all the detected errors. You can either click on "Fix Errors" to automatically repair all the detected errors or alternately, you can manually select only those errors which you want to cleanup. Cleaning up Registry Errors may take just a few seconds during your computer startup. But the performance improvement that this registry cleanup and optimization gives your computer more than compensates for those few additional seconds invested during the startup.

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Startup Windows Registry Optimization can always be disabled and enabled from the Registry Booster Options panel. Experts recommend Startup Registry Optimization at least once a week to ensure that your computer is always running at its peak performance. In case you have disabled the Registry Booster startup registry optimization features then, you may have to regularly scan and repair your Windows Registry manually or you may schedule the Registry Error Scan to the date and time of your choice. At the scheduled time Registry Booster will automatically start the error scan and repair all your detected computer problems. Cleaned, Optimized and Defragmented Windows Registry makes your PC/Laptop work like new.
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