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Uniblue Registry Booster is designed to cleanup all your computer errors, repair computer freezes, fix windows error messages and speedup your PC/Laptop for high performance in a matter of minutes. Windows Registry is the heart and brain of your computer. If there are errors in your Windows registry, then your central processing unit has to work much much more to find the data and instructions it needs to execute the task you have demanded like opening a file, running a program etc. This may overheat your CPU leading to automatic CPU slow down by your computer to protect the CPU from burning itself out degrading your computer performance. Registry is read and written continuously by Windows as well as all the software you install and use every day. Thus the size and errors in the windows registry continues to increase which will make your central processing unit to spend more time in finding the required information from these millions of registry entries. To make matter worse, the registry entries get fragmented with a lot of gaps and thousands of empty, useless, corrupted and duplicate registry entries. All these proglems reduces the Performance speed of your computer.

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If you do not cleanup errors from your Windows registry, then you will start noticing that your computer performance is degrading as time passes. Within one month of use any new computer will be running at less than 70% of its rated performance. Uniblue Registry Booster needs to be installed and run on your computer to revive your PC/Laptop performance back to what it was when it was new. Experts recommend using Registry Booster at least once every week to ensure that your computer stays optimized for high performance always.

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