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Registry Booster - Prevents Computer Freeze & Crash
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Uniblue Registry Booster repairs and prevents Computer Freezes and Crashes. Over a period of usage your computer registry becomes chaotic with hundreds of errors, useless entries, empty entries, duplicate and corrupted  registry entries which cause large Windows registry size, increased registry fragmentation and increases CPU work load. At times your CPU runs at 100% just find a missing or corrupted registry entry. This causes very high heat to be generated by the CPU. If this heat is not dissipated efficiently, then your BIOS will trigger a hardware induced Computer Freeze. Your computer may either remain in the frozen state or restart after some time. Often you may find a Windows Blue Screen informing you that your Windows has been halted and if this is the first time then you may restart your PC.

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Some registry errors could be critical nature. A single critical Windows registry error can cause computer freeze. If you do not cleanup your Windows Registry Errors, then your computer will eventually crash. In worst cases you may lose all your valuable data on your hard disk after a computer crash. This is an avoidable situation. Registry Booster has been designed to fix all critical and non critical errors automatically without any user input other than a couple of mouse clicks. Registry Booster will cleanup all your Windows Registry Errors, Defragment your registry, repairs computer freeze/crash and Optimizes your PC/Laptop for High Performance in minutes. Uniblue Registry Booster is very simple to use without any experience or computer knowledge to repair any computer running on 32/64 bit Windows 7/XP/Vista.
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