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What is Windows Registry Cleaner ?

Windows Registry is the heart of your Computer. Microsoft designed Windows around its core nerve center called PC Registry. Your Windows registry stores all information about your Windows Computer in the Registry. There are more than a dozen Windows Registry Cleaners available today from different software companies.  The most popular is RegCure Windows PC Registry Cleaner that has surpassed a record 60 million downloads by PC users from over a 100 countries world wide. 

Need for Windows Registry Cleaner
The simple answer is that Registry is the Nerve Center of your Windows Computer without which it just cannot work. Microsoft designed Windows operating system around the Windows Registry which loads into the kernel or core of your computer and into your PC memory. PC Registry errors cause Windows to Freeze up or Crash your PC or Laptop. The only option is to cleanup
Windows Registry Errors with a Registry Cleaner.

What information is stored in Windows Registry ?
Windows stores each and every information about your Computer hardware and software along with all your Windows settings and configurations, users names, passwords, devices drivers, all the software installed in your computer and everything else you can imagine. Thus your Computer Registry is the heart of your Windows OS.

Registry Errors Cause Slow Computer Performance
Windows continuously refers to your Registry to do each and every task you tell your PC or Laptop to do. When the size of your Registry grows too big, your CPU will take some time to search for all the required instructions from the registry. Not only that, some bad software may write wrong entries and corrupt your Windows Registry. This is when you feel your PC or Laptop performance is slow.   Speedup Your PC Performance Now !

Corrupted Windows Registry ?
When your Windows Registry gets corrupted due to a bad software writing wrong entries or modifies an existing registry entry, your CPU will not able to retrieve information required to execute Windows commands to run a previously installed application. Windows has an inbuilt time delay. When the registry entry is not found or has error for a usual time of 20 seconds, Windows will give you an Error message or warning and resume working. But your computer will freeze if there is a critical registry error.

Critical Windows Registry Errors cause Computer Freeze
A single Windows Registry Error is enough to slow down your Computer Performance because your CPU is in a confused state. If your Windows Registry has a critical error, then your PC or Laptop will either stop working with no response to your keyboard or mouse inputs and your monitor will remain frozen.

Computer Freezes with Windows Blue Screen Error
When there is a Critical Error in your Windows Registry, the CPU fails to find the entry it is searching in your PC registry. A critical registry problem means the registry is not able proceed further or back to Windows for next command. This is when your Computer Freezes. After a stipulated time Windows will realise that something is wrong and gives out a Windows Blue Screen Error that says "Windows has been halted due to a Critical Error." Your Computer may restart on its own or you may restart it.  Fix Computer Freezes Now !

How Does Registry Errors Happen?
All the software that you install in your computer, or uninstall from your PC write thousands of entries into your Windows Registry. Whenever you open a program like MS Word, Access, Excel, Notepad, Games, Photo Editor, media player or any software application, many hundreds of entries are written into your Windows Registry. More registry entries are written by these software when you use then and close them.

Windows Registry Size Increases with Computer Usage
Windows Registry contains millions of entries written by Windows itself and all the software you installed, opened, used and closed. Thus your Windows Registry keeps increasing in size as you keep using your PC or Laptop everyday.

Large Registry Size Slows Your PC Performance
The larger your Windows registry, the slower your computer performance will be. This is because your CPU has to get the information needed to execute a command from very large number of registry entries running into millions. The delay may be a fraction of second per searched entry. Windows needs thousands of registry entry to run each command. This means delays running into seconds when it comes to opening a file or an application. You will also find that a keyboard or mouse input is also taking up time. This is a sure sign of your registry size is too large.

How to Reduce Windows Registry Size ?
Most Windows registry entries are empty and useless. They were left behind by temporary files and software applications you uninstalled. Bad software does not remove all the registry entries they worte during installation. Thus you will have thousands of unwanted registry entries that Windows has to search through. This makes your PC performance to slow down. So you need to remove these empty registry entries to restore your PC Performance. Manual registry cleaning is impossible. Download RegCure Registry Cleaner to remove all  registry errors and useless registry entries. RegCure is the safest and easiest method to repair your Windows Registry Errors even if you do not have any experience. You can save hundreds of dollars you spend to fix simple PC and Laptop problems which you can repair yourself with RegCure. Read more..


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