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Atherion Identity Pro - Powerful Identity Protection Software

Download Atherion Identity Pro Software Now. Click here  Powerful Online PC Identity Protection
  • Protect Your Identity Online
  • Encrypt Your Private Information
  • Permanently Delete Sensitive Data
  • Move Your Important Data to Vault
  • Make Shopping & Banking Safe Online


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$52.6 Billion Loss in Identity Theft

It is reported that over $52.6 billion have been lost from identity theft. 1 in 5 online consumers have been victims of cybercrime in the last 2 years, and 1.2 million consumers have had to replace their computers due to software infections.


Identity Crime Rate is 04 per Second

Protect Your PC Privacy and Identity. Download Atherion Identity Pro
The numbers are nothing less than astounding. The recent reports state that more than 8-10 million people a year in the US alone are affected by online ID fraud. That works out to be about one Identity related crime every 4 seconds!  As more and more people go online to do their banking, shopping, and business transactions, more and more thieves are waiting online to steal their identity from them. Identity Theft is the Number 1 complaint received in cyber crime cells world over for the past 5 years running. For a hacker a user computer is a very easy target. But they are so advanced that they are even attacking bank and government servers.
Scan Your PC for Private Data
  You will be amazed at what you find. Why wait for hacker. Even your friend can steal these sensitive data easily.



Your Credit Card or Internet Banking Details is Stolen ?

Imagine that your Credit Card Number or Internet Bank account username and password is Stolen by a hacker. What will you do ?  You will call your credit card vendor or bank phone and tell them to block your Credit Card or to Block all money transfers from your bank account. If you were to find out that your creditcard or bank account details has been stolen immediately. Even then the blocking of account is going to take not less than10 to 15 minutes. An internet hacker takes only a minute or two to transfer money from your bank to an unknown account or start buying items using your creditcard on internet. Before you alert your bank to block your account or credit card, all the money would have been transfered out.


Don't Shop or Bank Online Un-Protected

ID Vault Protect Your Bank & Credit Card Online - Download Now
You might think that going without PC security is a risk worth taking. But what the experts have to say is something very different. Academic institutions, watchdog firms, government branches such as the Department of Justice, banks and major media organizations are all saying that it is far better as well as cheaper to be protected by strong computer security software installed in your PC & Laptop than having to deal with the costs of a security breach such as credit card, internet banking and social security number frauds.
Download  Atherion  Identity  Pro which is an Award Winning Computer Security and Privacy Protection Software. Make your PC Safe on Internet. Shop and Bank Securely.


Where are Important Data Stored in my PC?

You will be surprised to know how much sensitive information is stored in your PC without your knowledge. Using Internet whatever information that you entered into your internet browser gets stored in your Computer. It can be entered in as a search, a login, or as a purchase. Many browsers do not properly protect his information. Thus anyone with a little knowledge about how to find these data or an online hacker can easily steal these data from your PC or Laptop. The data can be anything from your social security number, your email id, internet banking login usernames & Passwords, your credit card number and other details. With these data a hacker can easily buy anything online with your credit card details and even transfer all your money from your bank account.


Award Winning Atherion Identity Protection Tool

Protect Your Identity. Download Identity Pro
Protect your Identity Online. Protect yourself from Internet hackers and fraud. Make your Computer and Identity Safe Online. You must either delete your private data permanently or move them to safe vault before they are stolen by Online hackers. All your important and Sensitive data like your Credit Card numbers, Internet Banking Usernames and Passwords, your Email ID and Passwords, Driver's Licence Numbers, your Social Security Numbers etc are all just lying around for anyone with a little PC knowledge to steal them from your PC & Laptop. Secure all your Private Identity Information Encrypted in a Safe Vault with Atherion Identity Pro.




Download  Atherion Identity Pro


Atherion Identity Pro has won various awards and certifications over the years and is accepted as the industry standard where Identity Protection is concerned. A few awards and certificates awarded to Atherion Pro are shown below as seen on it official website.

  Download Award Winning Atherion Identity Protection Software


Protect Your Personal Info Before Thieves Find it

Protect Your Identity Now. Free Scan Your PC. Click here
URL Zone is the latest threat to all people using internet banking and Credit cards online. When you visit your bank website,  the URL zone will capture all your banking and credit card details like user names, passwords etc and also takes screenshots of your activities without your knowledge, calculate how much money it should steal from your account without being detected by your bank and transfer it to another account. Then it posts fake screens to show you more money in your account. But Identity Pro creates a secure connection to your bank and protect your PC and also keeps all your credit card, Licence Numbers, Social Security Numbers and banking details etc encrypted in its Vault. Atherion Identity Protection Software has three very powerful, foolproof and time tested methods of Protecting Identity Theft and safeguarding all sensitive data in your PC.

  • Secure Delete Data   This is the first Data Protection Method. In this all Atherion Identity Pro searches your computer for all sensitive data and then overwrites these data by dummy data seven times and then deletes them, so that no software or hacker can ever retrieve your sensitive data from your PC. It is much stronger method of deleting data than even formatting the hard disk.

  • Encrypt & Move Data to Vault    All your Sensitive Data Atherion Pro finds is first encrypted and then moved to a Vault with Password Protection. This is a very strong method of data protection and is hacker proof.

  • Redact Data     Redact means to overwrite your Sensitive Data with "XXX" or mask you data to prevent access from hackers. This is also a very safe data protection method in use for many years.

                          Atherion Identity Pro -  Download Now !


Atherion Identity Pro -  Benefits

Atherion Identity Pro goes beyond current Protection Offered by Anti-virus, Anti-spyware, Anti-spam, or anti-phishing, etc, to protect you where other programs fail.
With powerful encryption technology and detailed customizable security notifications, protection options and additional quarantine features that can be customized according to your needs, Atherion Identity Pro Automatically seeks out and Protects Your Important Personal Data In A Series Of Rapid, Deep-Search Scans That Leave No File Unturned.
Once you have secured all your private and sensitive important data by encrypting and saving them into Atherion Safety Vault or by Deleting them, no hacker can steal any Sensitive information from your PC or Laptop.
Also, when you need to use these data, Atherion Identity Pro helps you to insert these encrypted data without typing them again. So  hackers or even keyloggers can't steal your data.



Identity Pro Screenshot

Download Atherion Identity Pro Now

Identity Pro Requirement

  • Processor : Intel Pentium III or better
  • Memory : 128 MB
  • Hard Disk Space:  10 MBProtect Your Identity Online. Click here


Windows Requirement

  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2003
  • Windows 2000


Download Atherion Identity Pro. Click here

       Atherion Identity Protection Software   -   Download  Now