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Weight Loss Food for Women

The three most important sceintifically proven Weightloss Foods that all women should eat are Butternut Squash, Flax Seeds and Salmon. These three are well known for their high nutritional value and has been tested out by scientists over and over again as the health benefits of these three are so immense and unbelievable even to doctors and nutrition specialists. The most health benefits of these three foods were on women who ate them compared to men as was observed during experiments. Most people find it hard to believe that foods can actually reduce weight. Foods you eat needs energy to get digested. Some foods actually consume more energy from your body to get digested than the body can absorb from your body and are called Negative Calorie Foods which you can find on navigation list given on the left side of this page.


Butternut Squash - Weightloss Food for Women

Butternut SquashButternut Squash contains amazing amounts of carotenes like alpha carotenes and beta carotenes which has been medically proven to prevent Breast Cancer and risks of Overian Cancer. Eating other yellow fruits may not be of so much help although contain carotenes but not as much as what you see in Butternut Squash. Butternut Squash has a taste almost similar to a Pumpkin. It is like eating a nut with some pulp of papaya with very little sweetness. You can roast or toast butternut squash fruits. In Australia it is commonly used as pumpkin which can be mashed, pureed etc. But in South Africa butternut squash is cooked and grilled. Ideal Weightloss food for women with maximum benefit.


Flax Seeds (Low Carb Whole Grain) Weightloss Food for Women

Women who want to limit their starch and sugar intake must eat Flax Seeds. These are very small in size, but probably pack the highest concentrated nutrients of all foods. Flax seeds are ideal weight loss food as they contain the maximum minerals, vitamins plus fibre and omega 3 fatty acids that reduce cholesterol in your blood. Technicially Flax Seeds are considered as whole grains which is what health specialists recommend for those who are on controlled diet for achieving natural and permanent weight loss.

The Omega 3 fatty acid is contained in high quantity in the flax seed oil. The unlimited fibre content in flax seeds gives the much needed help in reducing cholesterol intake from the foods you eat as the fibre coats your intestines and blocks the cholesterol from being absorbed into your body thus preventing high blood pressure and in turn preventing you from heart diseases. The flax seedFlax Seeds fibre also stabilises your blood sugar levels and thus prevents diabetes as well.

Flax seeds also contains Phytochemicals like Anti-Oxidents that is the best source of Ligans which stabilise the hormones in Women. And Flax seeds phytochemicals are also known to increase fertility in women and also reduces the premenstural pains. All these reasons combined makes Flax seeds one of the best weightloss food for women with the added benefits of preventing cancer, heart diseases and boosting fertility. Start eating moderate amounts of Flax Seeds in your daily diet for weight loss and otherwise also for healthy being.


Salmons are Ideal Weightloss Food for Women

Salmon for Weight LossSalmon is the next best food for Weightloss for women. Salmon is rich in Iron. The deficiency of iron causes anemea, premenopause troubles and other problems for women who are on a controlled diet trying to achieve fast weightloss. In addition Salmon prevents high blood pressure and heart diseases because Salmon is rich in Omega 3 fatty acid which fights and reduces the Cholesterol levels in your blood. Salmon is also known to fight and prevent depression in women. Salmon is also known to relax and prevent mood swings in women on controlled diet for weight loss. Salmon also provides many vitamins, minerals and protien which helps a woman in maintaining healthy skin, bright eyes and shiny hair as has been proven both by medical science and statistical surveys conducted on both women and men who eat salmon regulary in their diet. By all standards Salmon happens to be one of the most important weightloss diet for women.