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Weight Loss and Infertility in Women

One of the main causes of Infertility in women is attributed to high body weight and excess fat. And the only solution happens to be Weight Loss. Most gynecologists would agree that although no statistics is maintained by any infertility treatment hospitals across the world, it is well known that most women approaching the gynecologist for infertility treatment have irregular periods.

Most gynecologist on an average treats at least two women for infertility every day plus another four to five girls for irregular menstrual periods. The irregularity in periods usually is due to hormonal imbalance caused by excess body weight which in turn was caused by unhealthy eating habits, lack of proper exercise and sedentary life styles. Unfortunately it is the younger women in their twenties and thirties that have these obesity problems leading to infertility in later life.

Fortunately for most women infertility caused purely by excess body weight is reversible through weight loss. Once a woman burns off all the excess fat stored in her body through regular moderate exercises like walking for just half an hour a day, climbing a few stairs instead of taking a lift, control craving for a certain type of food with high calories like sugar, chocolate, ice cream, butter, jam etc. and modify diet keeping a check on the calorie intake without compromising the nutritional value of food, to achieve weight loss which had triggered the hormonal imbalance in women's body.