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Morning Walk Benefits Weight Loss

Believe it or not, Morning Walk consumes more energy than walking at any other time of the day and therefore morning walk is the best for achieving Weight Loss. If you are capable of running or jogging then it is the best. There are many reasons for morning walk being more medically beneficial for your body and especially good to burn fat deposited on your body. Running, walking and swimming are some of the best exercises for achieving weight loss.

But remember that jogging is not medically advised because continuous jolt to your knee joints, ankle, hip and back bone vertebrae cause irreversible damage. If you are a jogger then ensure that you wear a good pair of shock absorbing soled shoes and you should never jog on a hard surface like tarred roads. Preferably run on a grassy field and as long as possible jog on your toes so that your heels don't hit the ground and send the damaging shocks to your joints preventing their failure in the long term.

Morning Walk has a lot of benefits.    So you should wake up, do your routines, dress in a lose fitting dress and start walking straight from your house early in the morning. Some of the benefits of walking in the morning which aids weight loss are enumerated in the following paragraphs.

First Morning Walk Benefit
The first reason why morning walk is the best is that the air is very cold in the mornings and every time you breathe in cold air your body heats up this cold air before you exhale it. This means that you are burning fat and expending energy just heat up cold air to your body temperature. The longer you stay in this colder air the more energy you lose and if the air is too cold then you lose energy even without walking. But walking is required to increase the heart beat so that the muscles and tissues gets more oxygen which is required to burn off the energy and excess fat in your body. In other words you increased your metabolism rate which is the first step towards Weight Loss.

Second Morning Walk Usefulness

The second reason for a morning wlak is that if you are a city dweller you will find most roads almost empty. So morning walking on the roads becomes much safer than an evening walk when the traffic is dangerous. When you walk on the roads remember to be on the right hand side of the road if the vehicles have right hand steering and on the left side of the roads if the vehicles have drivers sitting on the left side of the vehicle. This is so that you can see the oncoming vehicles and avoid them without looking back again and again. Being on the wrong side you will have to continuously look back to see if a vehicle is coming towards you.

Third Morning Walk Increases Metabolism
The third reason why morning walk is better than exercising at any other time during the day is that any exercise  done Increases Your Metabolism rate for next 12 hours or so. By day you will continue to work, walk, take stairs, drive a car and do other activities which continue to consume energy. After morning walk there is a higher need of energy to replenish the energy used up in the morning walk and in addition energy is needed for normal functions you do by day. Thus much more energy needs to come from your body and that too at a higher rate than normal from the food which is slightly difficult for your digestive system to provide. This means that your body has no choice but to burn excess fat stored in your body and that is exactly what you need for successful weight loss.

Fourth Morning Walk Benefit is Body at 100% Energy Levels
The fourth reason for having a morning walk is that after a sleep when you wake up all your muscles in your body are fully stocked to 100% energy levels during the sleep. Thus you do not feel tired when you do a morning walk compared to evening walk or exercise when your muscles are below 60% energy levels which makes you tired and you cannot ensure body fat burning because you are not able to spend as much energy as you would be able to spend during a morning walk.

Fifth Advantage of a Morning Walk
The fifth reason for a morning walk is something we have forgotten to enjoy. If you start your morning walk a little before to see the sun rise and also see how birds and animals wake up early and start off their life with beautiful chirping and chattering which are very pleasing to your ears and relaxing to hear as you walk, then I think this is the best for relieving stress and allowing us to start the day stress free and remain cheerful through out the day. This is one single benefit for morning walk that is unique and I never miss this opportunity. Those people who have a green fields or woods near their homes are the most fortunate as they only can enjoy the nature whilst achieving their goal of healthy body and stress free mind.

Sixth Morning Walk Benefit is Clean Unpolluted Air
The sixth reason for a Morning walk is that in the morning the air is very clean and without any pollution like dirt and vehicle exhausts or even noise. Even the flowers have not opened up so there is unlikely to be any pollen which is a very good thing if you asthamatic or allergic to pollens and want to take a morning walk.

Seventh Benefit of Morning Walk is for Older People
The advantage of a morning walk is to those who are past thirties. Below thirties I recommend you should run a bit along with the walk. Do not jog as jogging causes joint to fail like your knees and back bones. But morning walk is the most beneficial if you are slightly aged and are unable to run for what ever reason. Also it makes more sense to continue walking for a longer duration to burn fat which gives better weight loss results than running which tires you in no time before even your energy reserves are used up just because your heart cannot keep up with the exercise and you feel tired. Running for a many days will increase your stamina. But morning walk is still recommended because you can walking for hours without tiring yourself too much if you have time.

Eighth Morning Walk Benefits to Digestion
In the morning when you wake up your digestion is at its lowest and that is why getting up from bed makes you feel lethargic. Just go for a short morning walk to trigger digestion process, giving energy into your blood. This means your breakfast gets fully absorbed into your body giving you enough energy the whole day after a morning walk.. You will feel happy and cheerful the entire day.

Nineth Morning Walk Benefit is to Metabolic Process
Metabolism happens in every cell in your body. Increasing metabolism aid weight loss. When you do a morning walk your muscles needs to burn energy in the process called metabolism. Actually heat is generated during metabolism and your body temperature goes up as you walk in the morning. The higher your metabolism rate the higher the rate at which energy is being burned. If your breakfast cannot give enough energy to burn off in metabolism when you take a morning walk then your body burns fat and that is what gives you weight loss. But if your body has no fat left and you do not eat anything before taking your morning walk, then your body will convert muscles into energy. Eating muscles is not a good way of weightloss. That is why you should not walk on empty stomach. Eat some thing to start your digestion process. Otherwise your body will feel tired with a few minutes of your morning walk routine.

Tenth Morning Walk Benefit is Blood Toxin Removal
In the night when you sleep your kidney functions normally and continues to remove all toxins like cratinine and uric acid. But since you are not drinking water for almost 6 to 8 hours. Once the urinary bladder is full and you do not drink any more water the kidney working on reverse osmosis cannot work efficiently. This causes a buildup of toxins in your blood. To restart kidney function to normal it is necessary for your heart to pump more blood through your kedneys. You also need to drink a lot of water for reverse osmosis process to reach normal levels in your kedney. This ensures that all toxins are flushed out of your blood and body. Thus morning walk purifies your blood in addition to weight loss.

Eleventh Morning Walk Benefits Arthritis & Joint Pains
When you take a morning walk all the joints in your body gets lubricated. Body does not lubricate a joint unless you use that joint. This means when you are working in  your office or never move your knees continuously for at least fifteen minutes then the knee joints do not get enough blood supply and never gets lubricated. This leads to the knee joints rubbing against each other without lubrication and damaging the cells which later causes joint pains and even arthritis. You can actually get rid of most joint pains and back aches with just 15 minutes of morning walk. For those with Arthritis trying to achieve weightloss, swimming instead of walking is recommended.

Twelth Morning Walk Benefits in Reducing Heart Attacks
Walking in the morning or any exercise any time of the day makes your heart pump faster and this means your heart gets exercised which in turn means more blood is pumped to keep your heart muscles working. This reduces the risk of blocked arteires of your heart by washing away the blocks in the arteries and since the heart is working faster its blood vessels are also likely to grow larger in diameter. This will reduce the chances of heart attack.

Thirteenth Morning Walk Benefits in Reducing Blood Pressure
It is a well known fact that morning walk reduces blood pressure by making you stress free and relaxed. The walking induces more blood being pumped to leg and back muscles which will increase the diameter of the vessels and also reduces the blood pressure after a few months of continuing regular morning walks even if you do not want to reduce body weight.

Fourteenth Morning Walk Benefit is Reduction of Blood Cholestrol
Hard to believe but there seems to be a direct relationship between the cholesterol and exercise. People who regularly walk in the morning will have lesser blood cholesterol levels that is the root cause of heart attacks. Cholesterol is a necessary item that strengthens you cell walls. Your liver produces cholesterol. So by not eating cholesterol rich food you cannot reduce cholesterol completely. But those who exercise do not need so much cholesterol and thus the body makes the liver to produce lesser cholesterol and which exercise is better than monring walk. If you over exercise for weight loss you will find your blood cholesterol levels going up as your body weight reduces because your body tries to strenghten your cell walls when there is a shortage of food. So eat and exercise well during weight loss.