Weight Loss  

       Burn Excess Fat for Permanent Weight Loss without Starving Yourself.

Insulin Converts Fat into Energy for Weight Loss

Insulin is the only enzyme produced by your body that can convert body fat into energy. Insulin is produced by your pancreas which releases insulin into your blood stream. Insulin roams around your body like a police man. It looks out for excess energy floating around in your blood stream, catches them and forcefully converts them into Fat cells and puts them into jail, I mean stores them as fat in various places in your body causing excess body weight.

But the days in which you do not eat food by skipping meals, your body still needs to keep you alive by supplying blood to your brain and body by pumping your heart, continue your breathing etc all of which needs energy. This energy has to come from somewhere if your stomach and digestive system has no food in it for your body to get energy from. This is when insulin, the police man goes around and starts releasing the fat and converting the fat into energy which can be used for keeping your brain and body alive. But how much energy is required to keep you alive?

Approximately 1500 calories are required in a day just to keep your body alive even when when you are sleeping. So if you are eating food and not exercising at all, then ensure that you are eating food that gives you only 1500 calories. All the excess energy you eat will be converted into fat by insulin and stored as excess body fat reserve for converting back to energy when you do not eat food.

Weight Loss can be achieved by ensuring that you eat food that gives just 1500 calories a day in case you are not going to sleep the whole day. You will not feel tired sleeping. But the moment you wake up and try to some work you will feel tired even though you have a lot of fat deposit in your body. This is because converting food into fat is easy task for you body, but converting fat back into energy is a difficult and time consuming task. Thus your body takes more time to convert fat back into energy than the time it took to convert the food or energy into fat.

TWhen you exercise too much without eating trying to achieve weight loss, you feel very tired because there is no energy being provided from your digestive system as you did not eat any thing and also because insulin in your blood stream takes a long time to convert the stored fat into energy. So you need to eat a little bit to ensure you do not get tired and at the same time insulin converts some stored fat into energy and you achieve your goal of weight loss without starving.