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How to Increase Metabolism for Faster Weight Loss ?

Increasing Metabolism is the best way to achieve faster Weight loss. Metabolism is nothing but burning energy at the cell level. In fact, metabolism is the furnace or fire place in each of your body cells where energy is burned or used up to make all your organs work and also generate heat required to maintain your body temperature. Metabolism is continuous process that is always happening in your body cells at every moment you are alive.

The rate at which metabolism happens usually remains constant. But when you exercise, your muscles start consuming energy at an increased rate. This means more energy needs to be supplied by your blood to those muscles doing the work. This makes your muscles to burn energy faster. If the required amount of energy is not absorbed from the food you ate by your digestive system and supplied through blood to these muscles, then your body will Release More Insulin into the blood which will start burning fat stored in your body parts near the muscles which are being exercised and consuming the energy causing a faster weight loss.

When you do any exercise of any type, the metabolism in the parts of your body where the muscles are being exercised will go up and will start demanding more and more energy for feeding these muscles. The energy is sent to these muscles through your blood. So your heart starts pumping faster to increase the blood flow to these parts through your lungs that give more oxygen also which is required by the metabolism in cells. Thus increased metabolism leads to weight loss eventually as the body spends more energy and that too at a faster rate than the rate at which your food can be digested.

The energy in your blood comes from the digestive system. If you exercise at a faster rate than your body can provide energy then you will get tired fast. When your blood energy levels and oxygen drops then your muscle cells can not sustain the increased metabolism.

Over Exercise can cause loss of consciousness. Some times when you over exert then the entire supply of energy and oxygen in the blood will be used up and your brain which needs a lot of energy and oxygen to function will freeze and you may collapse. Weight loss will need to be reconsidered if you have experienced head aches or you feel tired with mild exercises.

If you keep collapsing very often on exercising then you may also be having diabetes which is a condition where insulin levels fall and your body is not able to regulate the sugar or energy levels and you may need to get a medical checkup.

So it is very important to ensure that you eat some thing which can provide some energy to your body as you exercise. This will ensure that you do not tire out or collapse before you finish your exercise routines. When you exercise hard, your digestive system and heart will try to cope up. If the energy from your digestive system is insufficient then your body will convert fat deposits near the working muscles into energy to meet the energy requirement and your goal of weight loss is achieved.