Weight Loss  

       Burn Excess Fat for Permanent Weight Loss without Starving Yourself.

Weight Loss Food - Convert Excess Fat to Energy

Weight loss can achieved by converting the excess fat to energy. This possible only if you can control your craving for a certain types of food. In plain words, Food Craving is your strong feeling to eat a particular food the moment you think about it or see it. And that is why food craving is the biggest problem faced by people trying to achieve weight loss.

Like when you see an ice cream, a good chocolate wrapper, your brain makes you craving for food and you want to eat that chocolate or ice cream or such other food you love. Your brain makes you to go, buy it or eat it even when you are on a strict diet regime as advised by your dietician for achieving your goal of weight loss in a certain time period. Weight loss will remain only a dream if you cannot control your food craving because instead of converting extra fat into energy, your body will actually be converting excess energy into fat if your are eating too much of energy rich food.

Some dieticians say that eating chocolate actually helps prevent heart problems because chocolate has some beneficial ingredients in it. Unfortunately for you, a single chocolate of 100 grams contains so much energy that you do not need to eat any more food through out the day and still there will be so much of energy left over that your body converts this remaining energy into fat which will get stored in your body.

But even though there is a lot of energy still travelling around your body in the blood stream, your stomach feels hungry in spite of the fact that your day's energy requirement has already been met by the chocolate you ate. So to quench your stomach's hunger, you will eat regular meals also in addition. Your body cannot use up this extra energy providing food that you have consumed after the chocolate.

Your body has learned not to waste energy. It knows from the millions of years of evolution that there are days and months when food goes short in the area you live in. If you do not eat then how will your body survive. So instead of wasting this excess food and energy that you have consumed, your body converts this extra energy remaining unspent during the day into fat and stores it any where it finds a little space as reserve energy.

Fat is something that body specializes in converting back into energy when you do not eat sufficient food or when you exercise and burn more energy than the food which you ate during the day can provide. But converting fat to energy takes much more time than absorbing energy from the food you ate.