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Download Sound Card Drivers Now

Sound Driver Files are essential for your Computer Sound Cards to work properly and reproduce sound through your speakers. Sound Card Drivers converts Sound produced by your Windows into a language that your sound card understands. Only then can your sound card produce audio in the format required by your audio equipment.

Thus when you buy a sound card and install it in your PC or Laptop, Windows tries to locate the necessary Sound Card drivers and loads them automatically if already available in the Windows driver database. However, if the driver is not already available in your installed Windows version, then Windows will give a dialog asking you to insert the Sound Card Driver Disk that came with the Sound Card hardware package into the CD ROM or USB.

When you insert this audio driver cd or usb, Windows will search for drivers in that disk and install the correct model specific Sound Card driver. Some times it may also ask you to choose a driver if there are more than one set of identitical Sound Card drivers available in your driver cd. You should read the exact model number of your Sound card from the package or from the label on your Sound Card itself. This is important because forcing Windows to install a driver for another model can actually damage your Sound Card permananently.

No Sound from Your Computer ?

The very first step to take when your Sound Card stops producing sound is to check if all your power and sound cables are correctly inserted. Just pull out all the cables one by one and reinsert them back firmly. Ensure that your speakers are on. If all cables are OK then your PC or Laptop sound card drivers many be the cause for no sound coming from your PC or Laptop.

The next step is to check if you have muted the sound in your computer. Just take your mouse cursor to right bottom and see in your task bar if the speaker icon is not showing a red cross on it. Right click on this speaker icon in the task bar and click on the volume mixer or playback devices or recording devices etc to open the volume mixer. On this dialog box check if any of the speaker icons for sound volume output is having a red cross on it. If so click on it to unmute it and adjust the volume slider to somewhere half way. If the sound is too low then you may slide the volume to max. Now apply the settings if the apply button is there or else just close the dialog. Your computer sound should start working.

If you computer has stopped producing sound suddenly, then either your sound card is physically damaged. If you have another sound card available then try using it to see if sound is produced. If sound is coming with the new sound hardware then your sound card is damaged and needs a replacement. If that sound card also fails to give any sound from your computer then you have a sound card driver problem.

Either a Sound Driver File is missing or corrupted. Sound Card Drivers get corrupted by some virus, spyware etc. At times your sound drivers are over written by some other files during installation of another software or another driver. The Sound drivers also gets overwritten with another version of the same driver required by a new software that you installed. But this new driver file may not be compatible with your sound card and thus your computer may not produce any sound at all. This can be solved by installing the drivers once again from your sound driver cd.

If your computer has stopped giving sound output after installing a software or another driver, then your original sound drivers have been over written and cannot be used by the sound hardware. In this case also you may have to reinstall the sound card drivers from your original driver disk.

If you have upgraded your operating system recently and your computer fails to give sound output after the upgrade, then your sound card hardware needs a different set of sound drivers that is compatible with the new operating system. Check if your Driver CD contains the required drivers. If not then you may need to upgrade your driver to the latest version from your sound hardware manufacturer website. It is a little time consuming and difficult task to get the latest model specific drivers from the internet.

I strongly recommend you to Download Driver Detective Automatic Driver Download Tool  It has the machine intelligence to scan and detect all your computer hardware manufacturer and model numbers and it can also locate the latest model specific drivers available on your sound card manufacturer website online. Then it presents you with a driver status report of all your computer hardware. When you click Update button, it will start downloading all the latest drivers for all the hardware installed in your computer. It is fully automatic and saves you a lot of time and frustration of finding the correct drivers.

Sound Card Drivers are Manufacturer & Model Specific

All Sound drivers are manufacturer and model specific. A Windows Sound driver that works on one model may not work for another audio hardware model of the same company. Thus you need to ensure that you are downloading and installing ony the correct model specific Windows Sound Driver for your audio hardware.

Wrong Drivers Damage Sound Card Permanently

Wrong drivers if installed by force can actually damage your sound card permanently. Windows usually warns you that a certain driver you are installing is not compatible with your hardware. In such a case do not force install that driver. If you have the driver CD that came with the sound card then use it.

But remember that the sound drivers in the manufacturer provided driver disk is older than your hardware. You need to get the latest sound card drivers from your sound card manufacture website. Some sound card manufacturers release drivers in their own website and some sound card manufacturers are known to release their driver files on popular download sites. It is preferable to download sound drivers only from the original manufacturer websites. Because other sites host older drivers, sometimes older than even the drivers in your sound card driver cd.

Download Latest Sound Drivers Now

New sound card drivers are released by your sound hardware manufacturer many times every year. All these new drivers will have a lot of bug fixes reported by people like you who have used this hardware. These problems are fixed and new drivers are released by the manufacturer very regularly. So updating drivers ensures that you will have lesser system freezes or computer crashes caused by your sound hardware.

Latest Sound drivers are also released when the manufacturer wants to introduce some new features into hardware that is already sold to customers like you. These new features use the same buttons available on your sound hardware to make them at par with new hardware. That means your hardware gets upgraded at zero cost.

By Updating your Old drivers to latest sound drivers, your sound hardware is becomes as good as new hardware in fuctionality without spending any extra money to buy new hardware upgrade. Thus updating drivers gives your sound card new life and better performance from your PC or Laptop. This is particularly true for hardware like sound cards, printers, scaners, cameras etc.

To get the latest Windows Sound Drivers you need to visit your sound card manufacturer website and download the correct model specific driver for your sound hardware. And you need to do this at least once a month, because new sound drivers are released many times a year.

Some sound hardware manufacturers may not release new drivers on their own website. Instead they release these drivers on other download sites to save web hosting costs and to cater for huge downloads from millions of users. as long as you trust these websites and are sure that the sound driver download are safe from them.

Very often some malicious sites also provide sound drivers. But they include some virus and spyware in to the driver files in zip or exe format. And when you start installing these drivers in your computer these viruses and spyware also get installed without asking for any permission from you. They use the same buttons to install that you click while installing the new sound drivers on your computer.

Therefore, the experts recommend computer users to acertain the authenticity of a driver download site before downloading any sound drivers from them. It is better always to download sound drivers from your authentic sound hardware manufacturer only. Go to other sites for sound driver download only if manufacturer website is not available.

I have been using an Automatic Driver Download Tool - Driver Detective. It has artificial intelligence built into it to Scan Your Computer Drivers and find out all the driver versions your computer has as well as which all hardware in your computer has corrupted and missing drivers. At the click of a button, Driver Detective will Download and Install all your Sound Card, Video Card and all other hardware drivers to the latest version from the original hardware manufacturer websites. I have been using it regularly for years now to keep my PC hardware working at peak performance.

Driver Detective compares your Sound card drivers with the latest sound driver versions available at your sound card manufacturer website. Then it displays you with a detailed driver status report. You can either use this report and download all your Sound drivers and other out of date or missing or corrupted drivers from your manufacturer websites yourself one at a time which is a time consuming task.

Alternately, you can click the Fix Drivers button in the Driver Detective dialog box. And Driver Detective will start downloading the latest manufacturer and model specific Sound drivers and all other drivers from each of your hardware manufacturer websites in a few minutes. All this happens totally automatically and saves you a lot of frustration in finding the model specific drivers as well as many hours of time spent online searching for these drivers. And updating drivers is to be done every month to keep your sound, video and other hardware at peak performance.

Once all your Sound Drivers and other hardware drivers are Updated, you will find your PC/Laptop performance much faster, no more driver problems and all your hardware will start working like new. In turn your computer performance also increases with no more computer freezes and crashes.

Thus the benefits of updating Sound drivers is many folds. It removes all your sound driver errors like missing sound driver errors, corrupted sound driver errors and out of date sound card drivers error that keeps popping up very often. Updating the latest sound card drivers makes your sound hardware perform like new with all the bug fixes and all the newly introduced features. It ensures that your overall computer performance increases perceivably.

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