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DRIVER DETECTIVE  -  The World's Most Trusted & Restpected Automatic Device  Driver Download Tool for Windows 8/7/XP/Vista/2003/2000

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Download Latest Drivers. Update Drivers for all Hardwdare installed in Your PC & Laptop. Fix all Your Missing Driver Errors. Download & Update all your Computer Drivers in 3 minutes. Click here
Automatic Driver Download Tool

Automatic driver download tool like Driver Detective can download and install the latest drivers for all dozens of individual hardware automatically with a just a mouse click. You may already be aware that each and every hardware works within Windows operating system only when you load the correct device driver files which are both manufacturer and  specific to the model number of your hardware. You can either use all the generic device drivers found in Windows or use the driver disk that came with each of your hardware. You can also download all the latest device drivers youself from the internet for every hardware in your computer.

Automatically Search and Download Device Drivers

By using  Automatic Driver Download Tool - Driver Detective  you can avoid searching the internet for each device driver yourself and downloading one device driver at a time which is very time consuming and difficult. There are so many hardware devices in your computer like your motherboard, cpu, video card, display, monitor, sound card, mouse, keyboard, modem, camera, printer, modem, scanner, webcam, hard disks, floppy, cd drive, dvd rom, external drives, usb ports, usb devices etc just to name a few. Before you start searching for drivers, you need to first find out the exact model number and manufacturer of your hardware some of which are inside your PC or Laptop. Some hardware are already integrated into your motherboard itself like sound card, video card and network card etc. Finding their model number is even more difficult.

Once you find the name of manufacturer and model number of your hardware then you need to search for each of these hardware manufactaurer website and then select the exact make and model number of the hardware to get the correct and latest drivers. Not only that some manufacturers do not have their own websites. They actually host or release new drivers on popular secure sites which you can never find unless you know their web address. To simplify this process experts advise using Driver Detective which is an Automatic Driver Download and Driver Update Tool.Driver Detective helps you to find, download and install authentic manufacturer and model specific drivers for all the hardware installed in your PC & Laptop in just 3 minutes.

Automatic Driver Download Tool - WHQL Certified Drivers

Because of the nature of Windows, it is possible to install wrong drivers for any hardware device forcefully. But when you restart your computer and use that hardware, the drivers can give commands to the hardware that can damage your hardware permanently. When you download drivers from a site other than your original hardware manufacturer website, then the drivers may not be for the correct model number of your hardware. Installing these incorrect drivers can cause your hardware to stop functioning or work incorrectly. At times the wrong drivers can damage your hardware device permanently and you may need to buy a new one to replace it. So it is very important to install only the correct manufacturer and model specific drivers that is preferrably approved by the Windows Hardware Quality Lab (WHQL Certified Drivers) This is where Driver Detective Automatic Driver Download Tool can help you by downloading and updating only authentic WHQL Certified drivers from your original hardware manufacturer websites.

Automatic Driver Download Tool Prevents Spyware/Virus

Using Automatic Driver Download Tool you can avoid downloading Spywar/virus into your computer. It is estimated that there are over one million malware websites on the internet and the numbers are increasing in thousands everyday. Most people not using automatic driver download tool and search for drivers on the internet themself end up on these bad malware prone websites that may give drivers in zip or rar or exe formats into which they have injected Viruses and Spyware. Once you download these spyware injected driver files and install these malicious driver files, your Computer gets infected with dangerous Viruses and Spyware that can freeze and crash your PC and even send your private sensitive information like your Internet Banking Usernames and Passwords or Your Credit Card details to hackers Online who can transfer your money from your banks or buy items online with your credit card number without you ever coming to know.

You can prevent this by using an Automatic Driver Download Tool - Driver Detective. There are hundreds of professionals who download the latest device drivers from all the hardware manufcturers in the world and scan them for virus/spyware and only then are these device drivers included into the Driver Detective driver database. Amazingly Driver Detective has the world's largest device driver database with more than 27,000,000 device associated hardware drivers and is increasing by thousands everyday.

Automatic Driver Download Tool Database

Driver Detective is the world's most trusted and respected Automatic Driver Download Tool. Driver Detective can also be used to backup all your drivers already installed in your PC/Laptop to a CD or USB incase you have lost your original driver disk. Today, Driver Detective has the world's largest driver data base with more than 27,000,000 device drivers. These drivers are physically stored in the driver detective website. Out of these 27 million drivers, more than 3.5 million drivers are of popular brands like Dell, Lenovo, Sony, Phillips, Creative, ATI, Gigabyte, Microsoft, Realtek, Asustek, HP, HCL, D-Link, Motorola, AMD, VAIO etc.

These drivers are being collected starting from 1996 when Driver Detective was first released. Over the years the number of drivers in the Driver Detective database has grown to record levels way beyond that no other driver data base comes anywhere near this figure. There are over 11,000,000 registered Driver Detective users world over. Driver Detective Automatic Driver Download Tool has also been certified as 100% Safe by Softpedia which is one of the most trusted and respected software testing and certification authority in the world. You can also Download Driver Detective Automatic Driver Download Tool with Confidence.

Stop wasting time searching for device drivers online. Use Driver Detective Automatic Driver Download Tool. Download and Update the latest manufacturer and model specific Windows Device Drivers for all the hardware installed in your computer with a few mouse clicks. All hardware manufacturers release new drivers with a lot of bug fixes and many few features for your old hardware that can optimize your PC performance and give you more value for your old hardware without spending money. So Update all your device drivers at least once every month using Automatic Driver Download Tool - Driver Detective.

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