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WHQL Certified Device Drivers


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What is WHQL Certified Drivers ?

WHQL Certification is given by Windows Hardware Quality Labs. The drivers are usually signed by either the hardware manufacturer or are WHQL certified. Downloading signed drivers is safer because the Digital Signature is a quality seal that the driver is for your exact hardware model number and will work on the Windows version indicated on the driver cd. The driver CD usually contains drivers that are either WHQL Certified or Signed by your Hardware manufcturer themselves. Your Windows installation system however always comes with drivers that have passed the WHQL Certification. But all the drivers on your Windows installation disk and your manufacturer provided driver CD have older drivers. So you must visit each of your hardware manufacturer's website and Download Latest Drivers for the exact manufacturer website. This is very time consuming and you could end up downloading virus and Spyware from the millions of malware websites on the internet.


Download Driver Detective - The world famous Automatic Driver Download Software. Professionals at Driver Detective Headquarters monitor over 3000 software vendor sites and over 4000 hardware vendor websites online everyday covering almost every software and hardware manufactures in the world. Any new driver released by any of them is immediately scanned for virus, spyware, digital signatures, WHQL certifications etc The drivers that pass this validation is added to their database which today is the largest driver database in the World and contains over 27 million drivers of which 3.5 million drivers are popular manufacturer specific like Lenovo, Sony, Samsung, LG, Gateway, Gigabyte, Kingston, HP, Creative, Soundmax, ATI, etc. Driver Detective also can backup your drivers already installed in your computer to a CD/USB drive. Customers are also alerted by an Email when any of their computer hardware manufacturer releases a new driver online. We Strongly Recommend Driver Detective to update your Windows Drivers because Driver Detective downloads only Signed & WHQL Certified drivers to your PC. Updated drivers fix bugs, introduce new features to your old hardware and can improve your PC/Laptop performance and stability greatly. Avoid manually searching and downloading drivers to avoid malware websites and also remember that wrong drivers can permanently damage your hardware.

How is WHQL Certification Done?

When a manufacturer makes a hardware his engineers also write small software called driver files. The drivers establish communication between Windows and the hardware. In effect the driver files will convert the information and instruction being passed by Windows to a language that the hardware understands and also sends messages from the hardware to Windows. The drivers that work on Windows XP may not work on Windows Vista and Vista drivers won't work on Windows 7/8. Thus the manufacturer has to make driver files for each version of Windows 8, 7, XP Vista etc and seperate set of driver files for 32 bit and 64 bit Windows Computer. Microsoft being the makers of Windows, they want that a driver for any hardware to be totally compatible with each of the Windows Version. Towards this end they have set up a laboratory where they have a long list of tests that each driver will have to pass. This is to ensure that the driver gives the maximum benefits and peak performance to the hardware without compromising the overall performance of the PC or Laptop. So the manufacturer will have to submit their device driver for WHQL Driver Certification. There will be some charges and a long delay for the certification becuase the lab is flooded with such certification requests. Once the driver passess all the validation tests, Microsoft will digitally sign the driver and return it to the manufacturer.

Why all Drivers are Not WHQL Certified ?

The hardware vendors keep upgrading the driver software files very regularly to fix bugs reported by users and also to introduce new features to the old hardware models. Waiting for the WHQL Certification may delay the release of drivers and in cases where it is urgent to release drivers for users to fix a major hardware problem, the manufacturer may release the driver online without WHQL Certification. As long as you are sure that the driver files have either come along with the hardware on a Driver CD or USB or has been downloaded from the original hardware manufacturer, you can install the Non WHQL Certified drivers on your computer.

64 Bit Windows and WHQL Certified Drivers

64 bit Windws 7 Vista XP etc are known to allow installing only WHQL Certified Drivers.  It is not possible to install any Unsigned drivers on these 64 bit Windows versions because they are primarily used by people and companies who want to implement very high level of security in their computer network and servers. Unsigned drivers can be carrying virus and malware inside the zipped or exe driver packs. This makes it very dangerous to install any non WHQL Certified or any driver not digitally signed by a verified publisher to be a high security computer. The delays experienced in the WHQL Certification has prompted the hardware manufacturers to release drivers which they themselves have signed.

Digitally Signed Windows Device Drivers

WHQL Certified drivers are digitally signed by Microsoft and returned to the hardware vendor and also gets added into the Windows installation disk and also in the next Windows update. So if you update your Windows regularly, you will be automatically getting these newly WHQL Certified drivers for your PC or Laptop. Since the WHQL certification process is lengthy and time consuming, some hardware vendors like those manufacturing motherboards, graphics or video cards, sound card etc have started their own process of testing their own drivers for compatibility on the various versions of  both 32 and 64 bit Windows and then digitally sign their drivers themself. To accomplish this the manufacturer has to first apply for the authority to sign the drivers as valid and recognized publisher from competent authorities. This is required because 64 bit Windows 8 7 XP Vista etc look for the digital signature first and then the name of the company which has digitally signed to see if they are authorised to do so in the list of valid or recognized publisher. If the name is not found in the list then you get a warning "Unknown Publisher" when you are installing the drivers. If you tell windows to install the driver after such a warning then you will be responsible for any damage the driver may cause to your PC or Laptop.

What is a Driver Digital Signature?

A digitally signed driver software will have a Digital Signature from an authorized publisher with a Secret Code and a Private Key. These are known to your Windows operating system which will recognize it without any problem. If there is an error in the digital signature then you will get a Windows error or warning message like "Driver is Not Digitally Signed" or "Unknown Publisher" etc. You cannot install an unsigned driver on Windows 64 bit version. It will not let your install even a digitally signed driver that was altered by someone. So Windows 64 bit is quite safe but 32 bit Windows does not have this security feature.

Digitally Signed Driver with Virus & Spyware ?

It is always safer to download and install digitally signed and WHQL Certified drivers. But you have to ensure that the digitally signed driver is from authentic manufacturer website or from driver CD that came with your hardware. There are over one million malware sites on the internet today and increasing in their thousands every day. They have the software knowledge and bad intention to unpack the digitally signed or whql certified windows device driver exe or zip file and embed viruses and spyware into them and put them up for download by unsuspecting users like you. Once you download and start installing these fake or tampered digitally signed windows device drivers, you could be installing viruses and spyware into your computer. 64 Bit Windows however recognizes that the drivers digital signature has been altered and it will not allow you to install such drivers. But 32 bit Windows allow you to install these drivers by just giving a warning which you can ignore and the hacker wins the game of installing malware into your PC or Laptop.

 Driver Detective Downloads only WHQL Certified Drivers

You don't need to waste time searching for drivers online anymore. Use Driver Detective - The Automatic Driver Download and Driver Backup Software for these reasons.

  • Firstly it is very difficult to find out the exact model numbers and manufacturer details of the dozens of hardware components inside your PC/Laptop.
  • Secondly, even if you find these details, finding so many manufacture websites and then downloading the correct drivers for the exact model number is very difficult.
  • Even if you find the drivers there is no guarantee that these are the correct and latest driver updates.
  • And if you end up on a malware website that provides your drivers, you still stand the chance of downloading viruses and spyware etc packed inside the driver zip or exe files.
  • Viruses can crash your PC and damage hardware or wipe out your complete hard disk data.
  • Spyware can steal your Credit/Debit Card numbers and Internet banking details and send it to online hackers without your knowledge.
  • Installing the wrong drivers are known to permanently damage hardware like network cards, motherboards, video cards and sound cards etc.
  • Manufacturers release new drivers many times a year to fix bugs and introduce new features.
  • Lastly the Benefits of Updating drivers is that your hardware will get
    • Get newly introduced features for free making your old hardware as good as new.
    • Get all the bug fixes reported by users.
    • Improve your Computer Performance and Stability.

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