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What is Windows PC Registry ?


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Windows PC Registry

To understand what is PC Registry you will have to consider your Computer as a very large book with millions of pages in it. The name of this large book is Windows Operating System. And from these millions of codes lines how do you think Windows finds the data and instructions it needs to perform the tasks you tell your PC or Laptop to perform? The Windows Operating system solves these problems using something called a PC Registry. The Windows Registry can be compared to the index of a book or the table of contents listed pagewise or chapterwise or in an alphabetic order.

What Does Windows PC Registry Contain ?

The Registry contains everything that Windows will need to startup, load windows, load drivers, load installed applications, find files and folders, open all the documents you need, all your computer configurations, all your personal settings, your passwords, usernames and whatever else you can think of. In fact, your PC Registry is the nerve center of your Computer without which your Windows PC or Laptop just cannot function.

Windows Registry is Divided into 5 Sections

Windows Registry is divided into 5 sections with its individual purpose. To see your Windows Registry just click on the "Start" button on the left bottom of your screen and click "Run" (Alternately, press "Windows" button together with "R" button. In the dialog that opens type the word "regedit" without quotes and the Registry Editor will open where you can see the five sections or your Windows Registry. You can explore your PC Registry by clicking on the + sign or clicking on each folder you see.

Windows Registry Errors Cause PC Freeze & Crash and Slow PC Performance

Remember not to edit anything in your Registry because even a single wrong entry can freeze and crash your PC or Laptop. It is a safe method to backup your Windows Registry using "File" "Export" so that if you do edit the PC Registry and your Computer Freezes or crashes you can just doubleclick on that exported file to get your Registry back to original. Registry Errors cause your PC and Laptops to behave abnormally, slow performance, PC Freeze and Crashes etc. Correcting the errors in your Windows Registry is the only answer to it.

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