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What is Hardware Device Driver ?


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Understanding a Hardware Device Driver

A Computer is like a new born baby which does not know how to talk in any language. So it needs an Operating System like Windows which is a language that the computer as well as human beings can understand and use to talk to each other. Each hardware uses its own driver. Each different model of the same hardware will need a different set of device driver files.

How does a Hardware Device Driver Work ?

The problem is that Windows made by Microsoft the hardware you installed in your computer like your Printer, Modem, network card, sound and graphics cards etc. So when you press print button, the document to print is sent to the printer by Windows. But printer does not understand the Windows Language. So the hardware manufacturer gives some special files called Drivers in a CD with your hardware which you need to install in your PC. The Drivers convert the Windows commands to a language that your hardware like printer understands.

Different Hardware needs a Different Device Driver

Hardware Drivers work exactly like a vehicle driver. Each vehicle like an aeroplane, a ship, a train, a car, a crane etc will need a different driver who specialises in driving or flyling that vehicle. Similarly, each of your hardware comes with its own device driver files which needs to be installed into Windows Operating System for the hardware to work. Not only that each Windows Operating System requires a different device driver. A hardware that worked on your Windows XP may not work if you upgrade to Windows 8 or Windows 7 with that same driver because the new operating system does not undestand the old drivers. You will need to download Windows 7 or Windows 8 Specific drivers for your old hardware to work.

Wrong or Corrupted Drivers Damage Your Hardware Permanently

The driver files carry all information about the hardware which windows can understand. Wrong Drivers can damage your hardware permanently. So it is very important to install the correct brand and model specific driver for each of your hardware. If the driver file is not installed, then the hardware will not work because Windows fails to recognize the hardware.

Fix Unknown Device Errors & Hardware Not Recognized Errors

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