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How to Create System Restore Point

A System Restore Point is a backup of your computer created by Windows operating system when ever you install a new software or change any major settings of Windows. This is an automatic feature of Windows. In case your computer fails to start up or starts to freeze up and crash after you installed the new software or any other problem occurs then you have the ability to restore your Windows computer back to what it was before you installed the software by using Windows Restore. This amazing function was introduced with Windows XP and has continued to exist in all the Windows after that because Windows Restore was so effective and removes the frustration of re-installing Windows in case of any problem.

Creating a System Restore Point Video (Windows XP)

Creating a fresh System Restore Point in Windows XP is very easyas you can see in the Video above. To Create the System Restore Point simply follow what is shown in the video or read below: -

  • Windows System Restore Dialog Box   
    The first step is to bring up the System Restore dialog box. To do this Click on "Start" green button at the bottom left of your screen on the taskbar, then click on "All Programs" then select  "Accessories", and then click on "System Tools". Now look for "System Restore"  and click on it and the System Restore point is created.

  • Name Your New Windows System Restore Point   
    When the System restore dialog box that opens, click on "Create System Restore Point" and then click the "Next" button at the bottom. In the Restore point description you can type a name or sentence for you to remember as to when you created it. After you type in the restore point name, click on the "Create" button on the bottom of System Restore dialogbox. Then click "Close" button to close the System Restore dialog.

  • When to Create Windows System Restore Point?   
    You can create any number of System Restore Points as you want.  It is important to create a System Restore Point before you install any software and at least once a week so that you can restore your computer in case of a computer error, PC freeze or computer crash. System Restore is a great facility that is embedded into Windows System by Microsoft starting from Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP & Windows Vista.

  • Windows System Restore Point Consumes Lot of Hard Disk Space   
    Each restore point that you create will consume many GB of your hard disk space. Usually 10% of your hard disk space is allocated for System Restore Points. So if you have a hard disk or partition of 250 GB, a cool 25 GB is reserved for system restore point and you just can't use it. One way is to reduce the allocated space for system restore on your hard disk. So once that limit is reached, Windows will delete the oldest restore point when you create new one. You can manually delete the system restore point as well. The space gained will be visible only after you restart your PC or Laptop.

  • Create System Restore Points to Optimize Your PC Performance     
    The more the number of files stored in your PC the more the data access time needed. To improve your PC Speed you need to reduce the data access times which means reducing the number of files on your hard disk. For this you need to first remove all your old System Restore Points, Junk Files, Duplicate files, Temporary Files, uninstall all unused software from your Computer and then Defragment Your Hard Disk to Speedup Your PC Performance. Restart your computer after defragmentation is complete to Feel the Power of your PC.

  • Windows System Restore Can Fix PC Freezes and Crashes    
    Most computer problems occur due to an error in your Windows Registry or a Windows setting that you changed knowingly or unknowingly. You can fix most PC Laptop Problems by just using System Restore which is inbuilt in Windows 8, 7, XP, Vista and ME. If System Restore fails to restore your Computer back to its original state, then we recommend  Free PC Error Scan & Health Checkup  and repair almost all Windows Errors, Fix PC Freezes and Crashes as well as give you complete control of your PC or Laptop enabling you to Optimize PC Performance and stability in 2 minutes and a few mouse clicks, without calling a technician or re-installing Windows and thus eliminating computer down time and also save hundreds of dollars you would have otherwise spent on computer repair.Start Free PC Error Scan. Click here