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Windows Registry Causes PC Freeze & Crash ?

Today most computer user is aware that Windows runs on its core which is called Windows Registry. Registry has millions of entries which pertains to anything and everything your computer has. The registry information is required by your Windows and all the software you have installed in your computer to run. The registry is left open by Windows so that it can be used by the software you install, uninstall and use can write entries into it as required. But bad software and the user themselves can cause registry errors making your computer to freeze and crash.

Windows Registry Errors - Computer Freezes/Crashes ?

To understand Windows Registry and what causes your PC Freeze up and Crash, and to Repair Registry Errors, you will need to consider your PC as a big book with thousands of pages covering thousands of topics. Now if you want to find out information on any one topic what would you do? Will you search your entire book's ten thousand pages one at a time? Obviously your answer is No. You will first lookup the index that lists all the topics in alphabetic order. The index may be in the beginning of the book or at the end of the book.


Windows Registry is the Nerve Center of Your PC & Laptop

Windows is much bigger than the book we just talked about. Windows Operating System has millions of lines of codes, instructions, data, files, folders, settings, software applications, hardware devices, device drivers etc. The Windows needs only a few instruction at a time from this huge mass of jumbled up data to execute a job. So to make things simple for your computer to find the required instructions, data or files required to carryout the job you asked your computer to do, the Windows refers to the its Index called Windows Registry in which all the data and instructions are listed in an ordered fashion easy for your CPU to find in the minimum time and least effort. This index of Windows is the Registry of your Computer. Thus Windows Registry is the Nerve Center of your Computer.


Windows Registry Errors Cause Slow PC Performance

Now imagine your Windows PC Registry referring to data or instructions that do not exist or are wrong, similar to the books index telling you that the topic you are looking for is on page no 1024 and when you go to that page you find some other topic on page. If your book index is not arranged in any order, will you be able to find the topic you want in the index? Imagine a similar condition where your PC Registry is jumbled up and disarranged. How do you think will your computer find the instructions or data or file required. It certainly will find the data but will take more time and you feel your PC performance is slow or your computer is responding to your mouse or keyboard input after a time delay. This is what you call Slow PC Performance. If you do not take necessary precautions and repair your Windows Registry Errors then you will find that your Computer Screen is Frozen and your cursor is not moving when you move your mouse or nothing happens on the monitor when you type with your keyboard. Your PC or Laptop has stopped working and this is called Computer Freeze.  Scan Your Windows Registry for Errors Now !   And you will be amazed to find the hundreds or thousands of errors in your Windows Registry. These errors reduce your PC Performance to half the rating of your CPU. And if there is a critical error, then your PC or Laptop will Freeze and Crash sooner or later.


What Causes Errors in Your Windows Registry ?

Windows works on its Registry. It allows all software your install, use and uninstall to write entries into the Windows Registry because when ever any software has to run, Windows needs to refer the registry entries that the software has written into it. Registry also contains all the other information about your hardware, settings, drivers, software and everything else. The problem is that when you install a software it will over write some entries already existing in the registry required by another software installed earlier or Windows itself. So after the new software is installed you will find that another software installed earlier has stopped working. This problem can be sorted out by installing an updated version of that old software. Similar errors happen when you uninstall a software where the software again overwrites another entry which some other software may be needing. So you find that after uninstalling one software another software has stopped working because of an error in the Windows Registry. Not only that during uninstallation some software just don't remove all the entries it wrote during installation because when you were changing settings or using that software all those entries were modified and the uninstaller is failing to remove these entries. This is also a drawback of the inbuilt Add/Remove Programs in Windows. You can uninstall a software without leaving a trace using Perfect Uninstaller if you frequently keep installing & uninstalling programs to avoid registry errors that can slow your PC performance and cause Computer Freezes.


Can Windows Registry Errors be Repaired Manually ?

It is impossible to all registry errors manually. However, if you have the knowledge of editing the Windows registry and know the exact problem, then you may attempt to repair the registry. But remember to make a backup of your Windows Registry before you edit it because a single critical error you cause during the registry editing process can crash your computer. To recover from a wrong registry editing all you will need to do is to double click the registry backup and restart your PC and everything will reset. The point is that your Windows Registry has hundreds of errors. Finding and repairing each of these errors is a waste time and dangerous. Registry keeps getting new errors as you keep using your computer. So it is strongly recommended to use a trusted  Windows Registry Cleaner like RegCure


Registry Errors Cause Windows Blue Screen Error Freezes

Before your PC starts Freezing up it will certainly give you warnings in the form of Windows Error Messages like DLL Errors, Kernel32 Errors, Runtime Errors, System32 Errors, File not found errors, Windows Driver Errors and many other errors with Windows Error Codes. If you do not remove these Registry Errors or allow the number of Registry Errors to increase along with the size of your Registry which keeps increasing with regular computer use, you will experience PC Freeze very frequently and later you may find Windows Blue Screen Errors telling you that your Windows has been halted for some reason and your computer may restart after some time. When your computer freezes with Windows blue screen error, there is no use waiting because your PC has crashed, just restart you PC by using the restart button. If your PC Freezes or Crashes again with a Windows Halted Blue Screen Error then use a Windows Registry Cleaner.


Registry Errors Crashes Your Windows Explorer

Often a Computer Freeze causes a major Windows Crash or breakdown of your Windows Registry. Once your Registry gets corrupted Windows Explorer fails to open. Even if your Windows Explorer opens, the moment you click on a particular folder or file, your Windows Explorer will crash. This is because the reference to the file in the Windows Registry is wrong, missing or corrupted and Windows fails to find the location of the file or folder you are searching for. To prevent the computer from freezingup or crashing, Windows operating system just closes your Windows Explorer. It is just a built in safety mechanism. But the underlying problem of Corrupted PC Registry needs to be addressed first to repair Windows Explorer Crash. Other wise you will not be able to access your files and folders. One way is to repair Windows using a recovery disk, or re-install Windows again and then re-install all your drivers and programs one by one. An easier method would be to Download Award Winning RegCure Registry Cleaner or  Read More About RegCure Registry Cleaner.


Repair Registry Errors to Fix PC Freezes & Crashes

 RegCure is a Technologically Advanced Window Registry Cleaner specifically designed to scan your  and Repair all Your Windows PC Registry Errors. RegCure is blazing fast and takes less than 2 minutes to scan and Fix Errors in all the five sections of Windows Registry of your PC and Laptop. In addition, RegCure will also compress and defrag your Windows Registry thus preventing Computer Freeze and Crashes and also Optimizing your PC & Laptop for High Performance. RegCure has been downloaded by millions of PC Users from over 100 countries worldwide. RegCure is designed to repair Windows XP, VISTA, 2K, 2003, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.


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