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Protect Computer From Internet Cyber Crimes

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Internet Cyber Crimes and Identity Theft will happen to you too, because 1 out of every 5 Internet user falls victim to Cyber Crime, because 4 Cyber Crimes happen every second on the Internet World over. Did you also know that 8 to 10 million Cyber Crime victims are from USA every year which is the best computer literate country in the world?  It is estimated that every year Cyber crimes result in 54.6 billion dollars worth damage in the one cyber crime field which is Identity Theft alone. Even big organizations like International Banks and internet giants like Google and MSN too fails to stop Cyber Crimes and themselves fall victim in the merciless hands of Cyber Criminals who either steal their latest products under development and company secrets or just crash their servers.  Experts strongly recommend you to install a good AntiVirus AntiSpyware, and  IdentityProtection Software in your PC and Laptop for minimum protection before it is too late. Act Now!

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Does Cyber Crimes Affect You ?

Computers are our life line. Today we use computers in every field of our life starting from education, business, hospitals, government, travel, communication and entertainment fields. All organizations world over is moving towards computerization in a big way. Every bit of data that was originally on paper and books is now being converted into digital forms and being stored either in the hard disk of your PC or USB device or to a CD/DVD. Most organizations like banks, police, hospitals etc even keep all their critical or vital information also on digital media. This makes it very easy for people who have knowledge of computers to steal the data or tamper with it. These computer data thieves are called Cyber Criminals or Computer Hackers. Big organizations have already paid heavy price when their data was either stolen from their servers or tampered with. Banks have lost many clients after hackers transfered money from their customer's bank accounts online. Governments have lost secret data to Cyber criminals. Hospitals have servers crashing and losing all their patients medical history sheets. Hackers who get hold of your email id and password can use it to threaten people online and the police will catch you send you to jail. If you use credit card online, hackers can get your credit card number and use it buy things online without your knowledge. Even if you try to stop your credit card with your credit card issuing authorities, it will take at least 10 minutes or more and 10 minutes is more than enought for a hacker to use up all your credit limit. And you can do nothing about any of these. Do you still think Cyber Crimes will not affect you or your computer ? Experts recommend installing  Internet Security Suite  which is a 4-in-1 Tool  with Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Spam & FireWall bundled in one software, in every PC and Laptop connected to internet.

How to Protect Your PC from Internet Cyber Crimes ?

You should take a few concrete steps to protect yourself from Cyber Crimes. Some of the steps mentioned below can be done by anyone without any computer knowledge also. A few steps like installing an internet security software, an anti-virus software, an anti-spyware software, a good firewall software etc are also easy. Just download them by clicking the links below.


  • Internet Cyber Crime and Data Protection.    The First Step to Preventing Cyber Crimes is to keep all your Important Data on a Computer Not Connected to the Internet or on CD, DVD, USB media. This ensures that your important data cannot be stolen by internet hackers. This is one mistake that triggers cyber crime.
  • Credit Card Internet Cyber Crime Prevention.    Never do any internet money transactions when any one is present near your computer screen. Even you friends and relatives can remember your credit card numbers and they can memorize the keys you press to type in your passwords. Don't make cyber criminals out of your own friends and family members.
  • Email Passworded Files are Internet Cyber Crime Safe.     Always send only password protected files on the internet if you attach it to an email. If you are sending photos, we recommend you send it in a zipped file that has a password. Never send the password to your file on the internet. Use a telephone to tell the password or have a standard password known to the receipient for all files. Also remember to change the password regularly to make your passwords more secure.
  • Cyber Criminals Hunt Internet for your User Names & Passwords.    Never keep your user names and passwords written anywhere. Anyone finding the wirtten password is like giving the key to your safe to a thief. Never keep your passwords in digital form any where in your PC or Laptop. It is very easy for even your friend to find the file on your PC and retrieve your sensitive important data.
  • Prevent Internet Cyber Crimes by Using Strong File Passwords.      Whenever you create a file like MS word, Powerpoint presentation, excel spreadsheet etc always ensure you give a password to your file. That way all that you type into your file will remain safe. But  it is possible to break passwords using password breakers. Download MS Office File Password Recovery.  It opens any password protected MS Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Access documents and even displays the passwords to you. And it can be used by anyone because it is free to use if the password length is 4 charecters or less. Paid version is required to open files with passwords above 4 charecters. To prevent this type of cyber crimes ensure that you use strong passwords that has at least 6 charecters or more and they have alphabets, numbers and special charecters etc. A 10 charecter password will take a long time to break even if this password breaker software is used. Protect yourself from this type of cyber crimes.
  • Credit Card Fraud and Internet Cyber Crimes.    If you use a Credit Card to buy items on Internet then you must  Download Identity Protection Software. When you type your credit card details in a form during the shopping cart process, your browser stores these information in its cache. Cyber criminals can easily access these data using a virus or spyware. You can use Anti-Spyware to stop this. But everyday new spyware is released by cyber criminals and that means you need to keep updating your Anti-Spyware regularly. But it is easier to use Identity Protection Software which will keep your credit card details in a safe vault and when you go to a site to shop, the identity protection software creates a virtual tunnel with that website, so that your Credit Card Numbers and other details being being sent online is totally encrypted and cannot be accessed by anyone else. It even helps you copy the credit card details from its safety vault in the encrypted format and you don't need to type  it every time.
  • Internet Cyber Crimes and Email Attachments.    Do you get a lot of emails? And have you seen suspecious attachments with your emails which cannot be opened or are executable .exe files? Remember that Cyber Criminals send out millions of emails to millions of people whose emails they find on internet. The dangerous part is that these emails looks as if it has been sent from your Bank or Credit Card issuing authority. These emails will ask many questions that are aimed at making you reply to them all your credit card numbers, its expiry dates or internet banking details like usernames, passwords, your lost password questions and its answers etc. Once you send these details to them, they use it to log into your Internet Banking website and transfer all your money and use up your Credit Card balance. These internet cyber crimes go un-noticed, some times because they are so smart that they use your private data slowly every month transfering little money at a time, not more than $100 or less from your credit card or your bank account. That way you will not find out. But the cyber criminal makes a lot of money because he may have got a thousand credit card details with him and multiply it by $100 a month each and you know how much money they make using this form of Internet Cyber Crime. Your Bank will Never ask for your Banking details, phone or credit card numbers. So Never reply to these emails. Never open an unknown email attachment. Never even open a email from a person you don't know. Never reply to such questions on Social networks like facebook, twitter etc. Experts recommend you to Download & Install Anti-Spam Software on your PC and Laptop used extensively for Emails. This tool will scan every email attachment automatically before you download it to your computer and it has a powerful spam filter that recognizes spam emails that are sent to you by cyber criminals and keeps your sensitive information safe.
  • Social Networks Internet Cyber Crimes are Increasing.    Today almost everyone is using social networks like Twitter, Facebook etc. People are so careless that they put up all their personal information on these websites which cyber criminals love. For example a burgler in your area just needs to look at your facebook page to find out when you are going out of town so that he can plan his robbery time. Never put up your where abouts and daily routines on the internet. Hackers look for information like your date of birth and mothers name etc which your bank had also asked you, so that they can confirm that it is you who is trying to transfer money from your bank account. Once he finds your date of birth and mother's name etc he can easily fool your bank and transfer your money to his account. So to prevent Internet Cyber Crimes happening with you remember to Never Ever give your personal details to any website on the internet. It is very very dangerous because even if you close your account or delete your personal information from these sites, they just stop being shown to you but continue to exist on the website server for ever. This data can be easily accessed by any cyber criminal and you can easily be the next victim of Internet Cyber Crime.


Privacy Controls Internet Cyber Crimes

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Protecting your computer from Internet hackers and cyber criminals is your responsibility. Hackers use every possible methods to extract as much details about you, your computer, your credit card details, your internet banking details, your email user names and passwords, your surfing habits etc. All these private and important data is readily available to be stolen from your computer because your computer history gives all your surfing habits, which websites you visited etc. Your browser cache and temp folders give what ever you have copied and pasted, what ever you had typed into secure forms, which all sites you visited etc. The cookies stored in your browser and temp folders also tell them what sites you frequently visit, all that you have downloaded and what is your interests etc. Some software that you use also store all these information in your computer which you may not even be aware of. There is no limit to the private and sensitive information that a cyber criminal can gets his hands on. Protect your Private Data immediately.  We recommend Paretologic Privacy Controls very strongly. This is one software that can save you from becoming a victim of internet cyber crime. It has excellent features and it has received many awards.


Privacy Control Software Features

Paretologic PC Privacy Control is one of the most popular software in the field of erasing your private data from your computer without a trace. It is very easy to use and prevents cyber crimes when you connect your PC to the internet. A few of its features are given below: -


  • Very simple and easy to use interface.
  • Permanently Deletes all your Internet History without a trace like.
    • Tracking Cookies, Visited Websites,
    • Credit Card Details, Internet Banking Details,
    • Email Usernames & Passwords
  • Erases all P2P generated files
    • Kazaa, Bit Torrent, Utorrent, Azureus, LimeWire
  • Eraces all traces of your Chat & Voice Over IP
    • AOL, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, Trillian, GAIM, Skype, MSN Messenger
  • Eliminates all traces of Media Players History
    • Windows Media Player, Winamp, Real Player, Quicktime, DivX player
  • Shreds Files Thoroughly
    • Quick Shred - Over writes data in a Single Pass
    • Safe Shred -  Over writes data in three passes
    • Thorough Shred - Over writes data in 7 passes ( US Defence Standards)
  • Removes all Traces of you Desktop Searches
    • Google Desktop Search, Yahoo Desktop Search & AOL Desktop Searches
  • Erases all Your Email Applications History
    • Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Thunderbird, and PocoMail
  • Erases all your Adobe Acrobat and Flash Player History
  • Deletes all Your Browser History and Cache
    •  Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, AOL and Opera
  • Regular Updates and 24 x 7 Customer Care and Support


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Download Paretologic Privacy Control. Click here