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Repair Computer Freezes and Crashes

There are about 900 million computer in the world today and the numbers are increasing. It is estimated that out of these over 800 million computers perform at speeds less than 40% of their rated CPU power. The reasons could be many. But the major reasons are large, corrupted, Windows Registry, badly fragmented files on hard disk, unwanted junk and duplicate files created by both the users themselves and Windows operating system which occupy space and make your CPU work much more than required to execute each of its instructions which is delayed for all the reasons mentioned above leading to computer freezes and crashes. But all these problems can be rectified and your computer can be make to perform at its CPU's 100% rated power. And it is so simple that you can do it yourself.

How to Repair Computer Freezes and Crashes ?


Over 40% of PC Users face Computer Freezes and Crashes like you. So there is nothing to worry. Read and follow these instructions carefully and you could repair computer freezes problem yourself without re-installing Windows and without any experience. Save hundreds of dollars you pay PC technician to fix simple computer problems. Computer Freezes happen due to two reason.


The first is a loose contact in the power cable, data cables or connectors. In rare occassions your computer may freeze due to failure of hardware like your hard disk, cd rom, mother board etc. Sometimes, your CPU or Central Processing Unit may overheat and freezes your computer when either cpu fan or chassis fans fail. Another common reason is failure of memory module (RAM). The other reason why your Computer Freezes is Software related.


  • Loose Cables Cause Computer to Freeze up
    To ensure loose cable are not causing your computer to freeze up, remove all the power cable connectors and re insert them one at a time. Then remove and reinsert all the data cables. You need to do this even for your USB cables and other printer, scanner, speaker cables etc.

  • Improper RAM Contacts Leads to Computer Freezes & Crashes
    Over a few months, the gold plated contacts of RAM gets carbon deposits on them due to improper or loose contacts. Carbon is not electrically conductive. This is a known and frequent cause for atleast 10% of Computer Freezing problem. So you need to switch off your computer, remove the RAM or memory module and clean its contact points with a rubber eraser gently till they start gleaming like gold once again. Now reinsert the memory module firmly back. Check if your computer freeze problem is solved.

  • CPU Running at 100% Freezes Your Computer
    At times your Computer Freezes or seems to be having a freeze up because some software is using up 100% CPU power. This may be because you are running a highly CPU intensive application. It may also be due to a bad software or Virus, Spyware etc that gets stuck and uses up 100% CPU apparantly making a computer to freeze happening. This makes your PC or Laptop sluggish to keyboard and mouse inputs. When you press a key during this apparent computer freeze you will see that the character appears only after a delay.  This type of computer freezes are very simple to fix.
    Just press CTR+ALT+DEL keys together to Start Task Manager. In the Task Manager dialogbox look for Services tab and find out what is using up 100% CPU power. Click on that and then hit END TASK button. Your computer freeze will vanish and the PC returns to normal. If you find the same program using 100% CPU every time you start your computer, then uninstall that program. If you need the software to work, then restart your PC after uninstall and do a fresh install.

  • This will ensure that all the files are reinstalled, especially dll files and exe files and also your Windows Registry errors will be removed for that particular program. The Computer Freeze should vanish after the reinstallation of the software. But if the 100% CPU problem persists, then you should either uninstall that software permanently or go to the website and download updates/patches that your software vendor may have released to fix this problem.

  • CPU Over Heating Freezes Your Computer 
    Your PC or Laptop CPU generates so much of heat that it can physically burn out. To avoid this the CPU has a heat sink attached to it with a fan to cool it. The CPU is also designed to Freeze your Computer when the CPU temperature exceeds 70 degrees centigrade approx. You can set this temperature yourself from the BIOS also. Running att 100% power, your CPU generates massive amount of heat and if your CPU heat sink and fan fail to remove the heat adequately your computer freezes and crashes (especially if your heat sink is not contacting your CPU properly, or the fan is running slow or failed).
    If the CPU heat sink is loose and not properly contacting the CPU Central Processing Unit, then also your Computer Freezes and Crashes. Just shake the big heat sink which looks like an aluminium with a lot of fins and a small fan on top of the fins to dissipate heat generated by the CPU. If it is shaking then the clip has come off. You will have to remove the heat sink and fix it back properly after applying a thin layer of heat sink compount where the heat sink and CPU contact each other for efficient heat transfer. The CPU generates huge amounts of heat enough to burn itself off. The surface of the aluminium heat sink is not absolutely flat and does not touch the CPU properly. If you apply the heat sink compount and then fix the heat sink back there will be more area of contact and the heat sink compount will become a liquid that transfers heat more efficiently thus preventing computer freezes and crashes.

  • Computer Freezes up Due to Hardware Failures
    A failure of any hardware like your motherboard, cd rom, memory, sound card, video display card, modem or a hard disk failure can easily cause your complete PC or Laptop to Freeze up. This because Windows sends request to the hardware for data it needs to do the task you want to be executed. Then Windows keeps waiting till it gets the reply from the hardware without continuing further. If there is a failed hardware, obviously no data will come back to Windows and your Computer will remain in a frozen state. To find out which hardware has failure is causing Computer Freezes and Crashes, you will need to disconnecting one hardware at a time, starting with your CD/DVD Rom, Memory module, hard disk, usb device etc.
    If you have a spare hdd or cd rom try using it. Also get your SMPS or Power Supply unit checked out. By disconnecting which ever hardware the Computer Freezing problem was sorted out, may be replaced with a new one. Hardware costs are coming down because new hardware floods the market. But unless there is a complete failure or the hardware, you need not replace it unless you have a lot of money to waste.

  • Cleanup Dust Inside Your Computer to Fix PC Freezes & Crashes
    Use your Computer preferrably in a Dust Free and humidity Free environment. This is because Dust and humidity are the biggest enemies of your Computer. When dust accumulates on the CPU heat sink, air from your CPU fan will not be touching the heat sink and causing cpu over heat problems leading to Computer Freeze ups. The edges of your CPU and chassis fans catch dust reducing the fan speed that inturn causes inadequate cooling of your computer and therefore leads to PC Freezes and crashes.
    Humidity spoils electronic equipment in no time and will cause internal shots in the hundreds of capacitors on your motherboard, sound and video cards etc. Blow air on to your motherboard and other sound/video/tv cards with a hair dryer to remove dust and humidity. Remember that your Computer will have a much longer life when operated in correct temperature, humidity and dust free environment.


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Repair Computer Freezes Due To Windows Errors


If you have already checked up your hardware issues discussed above and still find your Computer Freezes and Crashes as before, then it may be Windows Operating System related. Again you don't need to worry much. There is no need to take your computer to a technician or re-install Windows. Because most Windows Error Messages like DLL Errors, Explorer problems and Windows Blue Screen Errors happen purely due to regular computer use leading to Errors in Your Windows Registry.


Millions of PC and Laptops around the world have this problem. The root cause of these Windows errors, Computer Freezes and Crashes is the Windows Registry, which is the foundation of your Windows OS.  The best part is that Windows Registry errors are repairable by any computer user at their own home using a Windows Registry Cleaner like PC Health Advisor. 


Download PC Health Advisor  and install it on your Computer. PC Health Advisor has the ability to cleanup all errors in all the 5 sections of your Windows Registry in a matter of seconds. It is so fast and so easy to use that even a child can repair Computer Freezes and crashes on any Windows PC. At the same time it give full control on everything it does if you are an computer expert. Run PC Health Advisor just once a month in your PC/Laptop to prevent computer freezes and crashes. Your Computer will continue to work error free and at its peak performance, as good as new, always.


How Does Windows Errors Cause Computer Freezes ?


Microsoft designed Windows operating system like a big book. To get to each topic you would not start searching from first page to the last page. Instead you would search for that topic in the table or contents in the beginning of your book or lookup the index of topics at the end of your book arranged in an alphabetical order. Similarly, Windows looks into its index or table of content called as Windows Registry. If there is an error in the registry, Windows gets confused and starts a complete search of the missing topic in the registry. This is what you call as slow computer performance or sluggish PC. Now if Windows ends up with a wrong entry that says a file is in a certain location, but the file is actually missing then Windows gets halted and your computer will stop responding to your keyboard and mouse inputs. This is what you call Computer Freeze.


Once your Computer Freezes you need to wiat for some time or restart your PC. At times you may find that your computer has started working normally after the delay usually about 20 seconds to a minute. Otherwise you may get a Blue Screen saying that Windows has been halted. Your PC or Laptop may even restart itself after a certain time delay. If it is not restarting then you may have to manually press the reset button to restart your computer if it continues to remain in the state of freezeup.



Computer Freezes with Windows Error Messages


Repair Computer Freezes and Crashes with RegCure Registry Cleaner. Click hereHave you been getting Windows Error Messages like DLL errors, Runtime errors, System32 Errors, Kernel32 errors etc ?  These are just an indication that some files are missing or wrongly referenced in your Windows Registry. When Windows searches the registry for location of a DLL file on your hard disk and if the location entry in the registry is indicating some other location where the file is not present then Windows doesn't know what to do and pops up a DLL Error message.  There are two ways to repair this problem. One is edit the registry and indicate the correct DLL file location. The second is to get the DLL file from somewhere and install into your hard disk at the correct location indicated in your Windows registry.


If you don't do any of these, then you may find your computer freezes frequently whenever this DLL file is required by Windows. Manually repairing registry is not possible unless you have excellent knowledge of Windows registry. Because a single mistake during editing registry will send your computer crashing with total data loss, experts strongly recommend using  RegCure - Windows Registry Repair Tool.   RegCure is specifically designed to easily repair errors in all 5 sections of your Windows Registry with just a few mouse clicks, to repair all Windows Errors as well as Fix Computer Freezes and Crashes. RegCure also Optimizes your PC for Error Free High Performance. Regcure works on Windows 8 7 XP Vista ME 2K & 98



Computer Freezes When Your CPU Runs at 100% Power


Your Computer may Freeze up when you are working normally. This may last for a few seconds or will remain in the forzen state. This happens because your CPU or Central Processing Unit is running at 100% Power. The CPU is busy and it has no time to respond to your keyboard or mouse inputs.  The reason for CPU stuck at 100% could be usually a single process or software. All that you need to do is identity this runaway process and stop it. To do this hit CTL+ALT+DEL buttons together to START TASK MANAGER. In the Start Manager box go to PROCESSES tab and look for a service which is running 100% CPU or almost near that figure (except the System Idle Process).


Click on this CPU hogging Process and press END PROCESS button on the bottom right of the dialog box or DEL button on your keyboard. When asked click on END PROCESS button again. Your PC will return back from the frozen state. If the same service is causing your Computer Freezes frequently, then you may uninstall it and restart your computer. If the application is essential for you then you may reinstall the software after the restart. But if your computer starts freezing up again, then you may either upgrade the software.


Computer Freezes and Crashes with Data Loss ?


Recover Data from Formatted and Crashed Hard Disks. Click hereComputer Freezes usually leads to Computer Crashes if you do not clean up the Windows Registry Errors. If your get Windows Blue Screen Error, it means Windows has Frozen your computer itself to prevent further damage to your PC and hard disk data.  This may not be the case always. Sometimes Computer Crashes with out giving any warning. The reason could be anything. But such Computer Crashes may either physically crash your hard disk beyond repair or cause hard disk bad sectors. This means your hard disk is unusable and will need a professional to retrieve important data in it which may cost you hundreds of dollars.


Data Recovery is an easy for anyone to do using technologically advanced data recovery software available today for throwaway price. You do not have to worry even if your computer freezes and crashes and your hard disk also has crashed, because with these professional software  you can recover every bit of data contained on your hard disk including those in the bad sectors. These software allows you to scan, preview the files and recover all the lost and deleted files, folders and other data, even from a formatted or crashed hard disk. Paretologic Windows Data Recovery Pro is an excellent Data Recovery software that is highly acclaimed for its ease of use and its unmatched speed of Data Recovery. If your own computer freezes and crashes and becomes unusable, then you just need to take out your hard disk and connect it to another computer where you install the data recovery software and save all your data to a fresh disk.



Virus, Adware & Spyware cause Computer Freezes


Download Internet Security Software. Click hereThere is an estimated one million malware sites on the internet enough to cause Computer Freezes and Crashes of all the computers in the world in a few hours. If you connect a computer without a good firewall, antivirus and antispyware then you are asking for big trouble. Computers Freeze and Crash because of Virus attack, Adware, Trojans, Dialers, Rootkits, Browser Hijackers and Spyware etc. Experts say that within the first five minutes of connecting to the internet a brand new computer gets infected with all sorts of Spyware, Adware, Virus, Trojans, Malware etc.  Never shop online or do any internet banking without first making your PC secure.


Viruses has been rampantly causing computer freezes and crashes world over for decades now. Virus gets downloaded and remains in a dormant or inactive state for a few hours or days. It activates on some pre determined time, date, day, week number, year etc. The aim of the virus creator is to spread the virus to as many computers it can infect as possible. Then at the preset time, all the infected computers in the world freezes and crashes at the same time on the same day. Mass destruction is the whole aim. Just because you do not see any symptoms of virus activivty or your antivirus could not catch a virus during the antivirus scan does not mean that there is no virus residing in your computer. No single antivirus is enough to stop all the virus in the internet world. But it is better to buy an antivirus from a reputed antivirus software company because the moment any new virus is reported within minutes these companies release a patch or update to prevent and remove the new virus.


Adware eat up your internet band width to download advertisements into your computer, that pops up when you are online and even after you have disconnected from the internet the advertisements continue to popup because the ads were downloaded and stored on your computer itself. The bandwidth usage is so high that at times your computer stops responding when online with your hard disk red LED continuously remaining and using up so much of system resources that your computer freezes for as long as the adware is being downloaded. Adwares also have the ability to replicate and send itself to other computers along with the downloaded advertisements through, email, CD, DVD, USB etc. Do not underestimate the adware which very often people do not give any importance thinking that adware is harmless. But the differentiating line between spyware and adware is fast dissappearing. Spyware mimics adware to prevent attention from the user. Similarly Adware may carry spyware hidden in it.


Spyware are even more dangerous. They steal your important private data like your Credit Card numbers, your email usernames and passwords and your internet banking usernames and passwords in addition to causing Computer Freezes and Crashes. Spyware will send data stolen from your PC or Laptop to hackers online without you ever coming to know of it. Once your creditcard or internet banking details are in the hands of hackers, they will use these details to shop online with your credit card or transfer your money from your bank to their accounts or may even use your E-Mail Id to send threatening emails to government officials or politicians and the police come looking for you. Even if you come to know about this you will need atleast 10 to 15 minutes to call up your bank or credit card authorities to stop your card or money transfer or to close down your email. These few minutes is enough for the hacker to bankrupt you or get you jailed. Computer Freezes and Crashes are not so important when it comes to Internet Security. A few dollars spent to protect your self and your Computer on the Internet is worth it.


Experts Strongly recommend you  Download Internet Security Suite  and protect your computer from Viruses, Spyware, Adware, Trojans, Rootkits, Browser Hijackers, keyloggers and all other threat. Bank and Shop safe on the internet and prevent Computer Freezes and Crashes as well as keep your compter performing at peak level always.