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Backup Device Drivers to CD/USB

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Why Backup Device Drivers to CD/USB

There are many reasons to backup your drivers for safety so that you can use them later. The reason could be one or more of these

  • Your Original Driver CD is lost
  • Your Hardware Driver is corrupted
  • You get Windows Missing Driver Errors
  • Your Hardware has stopped working
  • Your Hardware is not Recognized by Windows
  • You want to format your hard disk
  • You want to re-install Windows
  • You want to use your hardware like Printer on another PC
  • Your home or office has many computers with the same hardware configuration.
  • Upgrading your computer buying a brand new PC but using old printer, camera, scanner etc


How to Backup my Installed PC Drivers ?

Each hardware has many driver files. These are packed into either a .zip file or a .exe file. These files are installed to various locations by the driver installer in your hard disk and registry entries are also made by the installer. This makes it very difficult to find and backup all the drivers that are installed in your PC & Laptop for each hardware even for a computer professional. But it is not impossible.


Driver Download and Back up Software like Driver  Detective is capable of making a single exe file backup of all the installed hardware in a few seconds to a CD or a USB storage device. All you need to do is to install Driver Detective on your Computer. It will scan and find all the drivers installed in your computer for each hardware and give you a detailed report. You can either update all the drivers to the latest version from original hardware manufacturer website or back up drivers already installed in your computer to a CD or USB.


Driver Detective Driver Backup Screenshot

Backup Hardware Device Drivers Now!


Why Create a Backup Driver CD ?

You need a Backup Driver CD, if you have lost your Original Driver CD and you want to backup all the drivers installed in your PC or Laptop. Creating a Backup of all the Drivers installed in your Computer is very easy with Driver Detective which will scan your PC and Laptop for installed drivers and you can choose which drivers you want to backup. Just insert a blank CD or DVD or use a USB drive and when asked just choose the specific drivers or all drivers installed in your computer and Driver Detective will make a Driver Backup.exe file. And Driver Detective will create a Driver Backup.exe file for you.


 This is a very useful file because now if you have to reinstall windows in the same computer, then after reinstall you don't have to install one driver at a time. Just double click on the driver back.exe file and all the drivers will be installed for all the hardware automatically saving you a lot of time and effort.A backup Driver CD is also required to install the drivers easily on your computer if your home or company has a lot of PC & Laptop with the same configuration. Make a Driver Backup.exe file with Driver Detective you can use this backup driver exe file to reinstall all the drivers with just one mouse click later on the same computer or on a different computer if the PC configuration is the same or you have at least one hardware common in all the computers.


Creating Backup Driver CD Saves Your Time

If you have lost your original driver CD or disk or have many PC in your company with the same configuration then this method of backing up of drivers and then installing with the backup driver exe file will make life very easy saving you a lot of time and effort. Just imagine. One click on the driver back.exe file and all the drivers for dozens of hardware gets installed in a few seconds.


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