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Computer Hardware Not Working ?

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Why is Your Hardware Not Working ?

Has your Costly Printer, Camera, Audio hardware or Video Graphics cards etc stopped working ? Then try the following and see if you can get your hardware working before you buy a new one.

Repairing Hardware Not Working Properly

Check your Hardware for any physical damage due to jerks or falling down. If no physical damage has happened like you dropped your camera or printer down and it breaks, then there are only three other possibilites.

  • The first is that there is no power or the power cable is faulty.
  • The next may be the hardware or one of its component has failed.
  • The third is that Windows can't find the correct driver or the driver is corrupted for some reason.

Loose Power/Data Cables cause Hardware to Stop Working

First check if the power cable is not loose. Switch off your Computer and Pull out the cable. Now put the cable and connector back in. If the hardware does not work after restarting the PC then switch of the PC and then unplug the hardware device from its PC port or USB port and re-insert it back again. Now restart your PC or Laptop once again and see that the hardware is recognized by Windows and starts working. In most cases loose power cables or data cables is the main cause for hardware not working. This could happen intermittently. Pulling out and re-inserting the cables usually cures these hardware not working problems instantly.

Hardware Not Working due to Corrupted Device Drivers

All hardware installed in your Computer just do not understand the machine language in which Windows operating system sends the instructions to it. You need something called a Windows Device Driver file that usually comes with the hardware in a CD or USB or may already be available in the Windows Operating System. The Driver files convert the Windows machine language into another language that the printer understands. If you have not installed the drivers for the specific model of your hardware then the hardware does not work.


So ensure that the device drivers are correctly installed for the hardware that is not working. For this Click the "Start" button on the left bottom of your screen. Click on the "All Programs" then "Control Panel" and then click "System" In the dialog that opens up click the "Hardware" tab and then click "Device Manager"  In the Device Manager, double click on the hardware that is not working. In the dialog box that opens click "drivers" tab and use "uninstall" driver. Restart your computer. Windows will automatically load the correct drivres for your hardware. If Windows asks for driver location then navigate to your driver cd or folder where the hardware driver is stored.


Hardware Stops Working Permanently

Remember not to install wrong drivers because incorrect driver files will make your hardware do things it is not supposed to do and very often people find their hardware not working and is permanently damaged. It is thus very dangerous to load corrupted and incorrect drivers. Ensure that when you are installing drivers for any hardware, you are not getting any Windows Error Messages. If you do get an Error Message and the hardware is not working after restarting the computer then you should immediately uninstall the incorrect driver. It is better to have no driver installed than have a wrong or corrupted drivers end up damaging your hardware.


Hardware Not Working due to Hardware Failure

If the hardware is not working even after you load the correct driver then may be the hardware or a component has failed and needs replacement. If you have upgraded your Windows or loaded a software that needs latest Hardware Drivers then you may go to the hardware manufacturer website and download the latest drivers because the driver cd may have drivers which are a few years old when your hardware was manufactured and the drivers were packed with it.


Update Drivers to Fix Hardware Not Working Errors

New Drivers released by your hardware manufacturer for your hardware usually contains a log of bug fixes and also introduces a lot of new features. The new features are introduced so that you get more value for your money spent on hardware and so that you do not have to upgrade your hardware every year just get the newly introduced features. All reputed manufacturers release new drivers regularly many times a year. All that the user has to do is go to the manufacturer website of all the dozens of hardware installed in the PC/Laptop and download the model specific drivers.


Updated Drivers Make Hardware Work Like New

New Drivers make your old hardware work like new with new features. But searching for drivers on the internet is very difficult and you may endup downloading some viruses and spyware also along with the driver files. There are millions of driver download sites that mimic your original hardware manufacturer websites. Thus it is very difficult to find which site is genuine and which driver is the latest release from your manufacturer. To overcome this problem, experts recommend using an Automatic Driver Download Tool like Driver Detective


Automatic Driver Download & Update Software

Downloading and updating drivers will ensure that you get all the new features introduced after you bought your old hardware and also ensures your old PC & Laptop hardware work like new again. It is strongly recommended that you use Driver  Detective to Automatically Download and Update Drivers for all Hardware installed in your PC & Laptop.


How Driver Detective Works

Driver Detective is an Automatic Driver Download, Driver Update and Driver Backup Software that is designed with artificial intelligence. It automatically scans and detects all the hardware installed in your PC/Laptop and finds out which driver versions are available in your computer. Then it compares this with those drivers available in your original hardware manufacturer websites. When you click Update Drivers, the Driver Detective software will download and install drivers from authentic manufacturer websites thus saving you many hours of manual labour. It is also recommended that you update all your hardware drivers at least once a month to ensure that you do not get a Hardware Not Working Error ever again and also keep your Computer Performance at its peak levels.


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