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Repair Corrupted Device Drivers 

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Corrputed Device Drivers Cause PC Freeze & Crash

Many people ask me what happens if they download and install wrong or corrupted drivers for their new hardware. Usually Windows does not allow you to install wrong drivers for any of your hardware. It will warn you that the driver you are trying to install is not meant for that hardware. But if you force  and Install corrupted device drivers for a hardware not matching its manufacturer or model number then your computer freezes and crashes. Very often in the next startup the wrong driver can permanently damage your hardware itself. Replacing the hardware with a new one could be the only viable solution after that.

Corrupted Device Drivers often cause Computer Freeze and Crash

The Driver files are usually files with extension like .drv and .sys  You can find these driver files in the Windows/System32/driver folder. Some .exe .cpl and .dll files also are required for a device or hardware to function. If your drivers are corrupted then Windows will start Freezing up and Crashing everytime you try to use that particular hardware. For example if you force install an HP deskjet 1001 series printer with a HP Deskjet 1100 series printer driver files, then either the printer will not understand what the driver files is telling it to do and refuse to print or the corrupted driver files will make the printer do something that may cause your paper to jam, wrong colours to print, or print garbled text and the worst case is  that your costly printer gets damaged badly.

Corrupted Device Drivers Damage Your PC Hardware

The Windows driver files contain the exact model specific information of your hardware. These driver files also convert the instructions from Windows to a language that the hardware understands. Corrupted Device Drivers can make your hardware to stop working or misbehave and get damaged as mentioned in the previous paragraph. What Windows told the printer to do in the Windows language and what the wrongly installed driver files understood and told your printer to do becomes vastly different. This makes the printer to things it is not meant to do or fails to print what it should have printed. The only way is to uninstall the wrong driver files and install latest model specific Windows version specific preferrably WHQL Certified drivers from your hardware original manufacturer website before the Corrupted Device Drivers damage your hardware permanently.

Corrupted Device Drivers Cause Hardware Malfunction

For example the document you print from Windows will get printed by the printer only if the exact printer drivers are installed and they convert the Windows data to your specific Printer data. Corrutped Device Driver will convert the Windows instruction to some thing which your printer may either not understand or interprets wrongly and does something to damage the print head or cartridge. Replacing the damaged hardware like your Printer or Camera will be costly. I have written almost the same things in three different ways in these above three paragraphs, to emphasise the very importance of installing the correct manufacturer and model specific drivers for each hardware installed in your computer.

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So I am sure that you have understood that it is very important to download the correct manufacturer and model specific drivers for your hardware devices installed in your PC & Laptop. Drivers are constantlybeing updated and new drivers are being released by all the reputed hardware manufacturer regularly. Use  Driver  Detective an Automatic Driver Download and Update tool to Download  Latest Drivers at least once a month and ensure that your computer runs smoothly without freezing up or crashing and performs as good as new. Why spend money to buy new hardware if updating drivers is enough to make your PC Laptop hardware to work as new.

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