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Corrupted/Missing Driver Errors 

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Corrupted Drivers Missing Drivers ?

Your hardware device drivers can very easily get corrupted or go missing. And if you have not been downloading and updating your drivers regularly, then windows can give you Driver Errors like Drivers Corrupted, Drivers Missing, Drivers are out of date etc.


How are Drivers Corrupted or Damaged ?

There are may reasons for Windows Device Drivers to get corrupted or go missing.

  • You may have downloaded and installed a wrong driver.
  • You have not installed a model specific driver file for the device.
  • The Device Driver is not WHQL Certified.
  • Another hardware driver could have installed a shared dll or exe file overwriting the original driver file.
  • A software may installed a shared dll or exe file overwriting the original device driver file.
  • You updated Windows operating system and a device driver also gets updated but your device works only on old driver.
  • You updated a software with new patches or updates and it requires a newer version of the hardware device driver.
  • There was a power failure when a hardware was being installed.
  • There was a power failure when you were installing a hardware driver.
  • The hardware was in use when the power failed.
  • You pulled the power plug and did not shut down your computer properly .
  • A Virus or Spyware installed a new device driver.
  • A Virus or Spyware corrupted your device drivers.
  • A Virus or Spyware deleted your device drivers.
  • You deleted or uninstalled a device driver file by mistake.
  • You updated your operating system to a newer version that needs different device drivers.


How to Fix Corrupted Drivers ?

When ever the Windows Device Drivers gets corrupted or goes missing, the first sign will be that your hardware has stopped functioning. For example the printer will not print if the printer driver is missing or corrupted. Your computer may not give any audio through the speakers if the sound driver is corrupted. If you have the original driver CD or disk, then insert it. The CD/DVD/USB should autorun to  and Windows will automatically install all the necessary drivers on its own.


Sometimes when you install a new driver or software and the hardware stops working, then you may either try to uninstall the recently installed software. If that does not work, then try to use Windows System Restore to bring your computer back to the way it was before installing the software.


But if the driver disk does not autorun, then you may have to double click the or driver.exe file. But the drivers contained in the driver disk is as old as your hardware. So you must download the latest drivers from the manufacturer websites for each of the hardware. All hardware manufacturers do not release drivers on their own websites. Some use popular driver download sites to release drivers.


However, all reputed hardware manufacturers release new updated drivers regularly many times a year to ensure you get more value for your money spent on the hardware and your PC/Laptop is always working at its peak performance.


You should download the exact manufacturer and the model number specific device drivers for all your hardware from each of your hardware manufacturer website on internet. This is a very difficult task and you will waste a lot of time trying to find the manufacturer websites. Therefore, experts recommend that you  Download Automatic Driver Download Software


The Automatic Driver Download Software is designed to detect all the model and manufacturer of each hardware device in your computer, locate the correct model specific device driver on the internet at the manufacturer website or in its own online device driver database. Then the driver download software will compare the driver version installed in your computer with the latest version available online and present you with a detailed driver status report.


Now you have two options. Either look at the driver status report and visit each manufacturer website and download each model specific device driver and install them individually yourself or let the driver download tool to download and update all your corrupted and missing drivers with the latest drivers available online automatically.


I recommend you use the automatic driver update facility in the software to save time and prevent downloading any virus or spyware from bad public websites that may be providing driver files in .zip or .exe file formats embedded with virus/spyware etc. Not only that, by installing wrong drivers, you may even permanently damage your hardware.


The Automatic Device Driver Update software usually give preference to WHQL or Windows Hardware Quality Labs Certified drivers. Only if a WHQL certified driver is not available that it downloads non WHQL Certified drivers. WHQL Certification is not a necessity. But you cannot install non WHQL Certified drivers on Windows 64 bit operating system. 32 bit Windows allows all drivers irrespective of the WHQL Certification.


This loop hole is used by hackers to install virus and spyware in your computer along with the driver files you are installing. There is nothing much a normal computer user can do. Being part of driver file installation, mostly your antivirus and antispyware software also fail to detect these virus and spyware.


Thus the best way of updating your Windows Device Drivers is to Download Automatic Driver Download Software  which will scan the drivers for correctness, whql certification, authenticity, digital signatures, model and manufacturer details and only then will it allow  the Device Driver to get installed into your Computer.


When your update drivers to the latest version, all missing drivers are automatically replaced with new driver files and you will not get any more missing or corrupted driver Windows Error Messages. Download and Update all your Windows Device Drivers and make all your PC/Laptop hardware work like new once again.



Buy New Hardware or Update Device Drivers?

Buying new hardware is a waste of money. You don't have to buy a new hardware every year because by Regularly Updating Device Drivers, your hardware gets new features and all bug fixes and starts working like a new hardware without spending any money.


Updating drivers is very important to ensure that your computer continues to work at its peak performance years after you bought your PC/Laptop. Why buy new hardware, make your old hardware work like new again by downloading and updating your hardware drivers regularly with Automatic Driver Download Tools like  Driver  Detective


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