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What is a Computer Spyware ?

Computer Spyware is a small software designed by a software Programmer with the sole motive of stealing all the important and sensitive data like your internet banking usernames and passwords, your credit card numbers, your email usernames and passwords etc from your computer without your knowledge or permission.

Spyware usually gets transmitted through various websites, through downloaded files, through free software, through emails, through CD, DVD, Floppy, USB devices, Phones, Digital Cameras and virtually any medium including wireless blue tooth and everything that you can possibly imagine.

So install a good anti-spyware software in your computer before you connect your PC or Laptop to the internet or you insert any media into it.

A survey has found that 61% of Computers under survey had Spyware installed. Out of this 91% PC users said that they did not know the existence of Spyware in their computer because they did not give permission for it to install.

The survey is a classic example that Spyware are actually advanced software that are designed by highly qualified programmers with bad intention using the loop holes in the operating system to install on a computer without the users knowledge and permission. Your computer already has many Spyware installed and live. Free Scan Your PC for Spyware Now !

Given below are the capabilities of Spyware that should make you fear a Spyware. After reading through you will surely know the dangers you and your computer is in and will install an AntiSpyware Software if you have not done so till now.

Avoiding Spyware Attack

Download AntiSpyware Software for your PC and Laptop. Click here
Today, Internet is a highly dangerous place for all PC/Laptops and also all those who use computers which do not have any type of Internet Security Protection Software.

There are not much you can do to avoid a Spyware from installing into your PC or Laptop because you will not be asked and you will not come to know when a Spyware installs in your computer. The Spyware comes with Downloaded Files, internet sites, CD, USB devices etc.

Even your own friends could install a Spyware like a Keylogger on your computer to steal your personal data. The only way is to Install AntiSpyware Software in your Computer to detect and remove spyware.

Most spyware come with realtime protection which means that it detects the moment a spyware enters your computer before it gets installed. A few ways of avoiding Spyware attacks are as below: -

Download AntiSpyware Software Now!

Download AntiSpyware Software for your PC and Laptop. Click here

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