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AntiLogger - How it Works
When you are shopping with your Credit Card, you need to type your Credit Card Number and security codes. As you type your Credit Card details into the form on a website, any Keylogger, Spyware, Virus, Trojan etc residing on your computer will start capturing each and every key you press on your keyboard and saves it into a text or binary file which it will instantly send to an internet hacker sitting in some country thousands of miles away.

Once the Hacker gets hold of your Private Data, he will start using your Creditcard to purchase items online till your credit limit is reached. You will never come to know till either you get your Creditcard statement at the end of the month or your Creditcard Company rep informs you.
Similarly, the internet hacker can steal your Internet Banking Usernames/Password details and use it to transfer your money to their bank account withint minutes sitting anywhere in the world. This keylogger saves data as a binary or text file and sent to the hacker without you ever coming to know.

The internet hackers can switch on your Webcam without its LED lighting up and they may take your obscene pictures or record videos of your private moments and paste it all over the internet. The hacker can redirect your personal website to a pornographic site. The hacker can use your email id to mass mail the whole world.

This is no joke. Hackers have bad bent of mind and even if he is not a programmer, he can still achieve these using some Spyware or Trojan software available online. The hacker gets rich on your expense and it is too late for you to react.

Your AntiVirus and AntiSpyware Software cannot stop all this as the Virus definitions to counter this may be released by the antivirus company many hours or days later. Unfortunately all these online attacks CANNOT be prevented using Antivirus/Antispyware software.

Hackers know the above loop hole and use it to steal your Credit Card and Internet Banking numbers, usernames, passwords and other details. Even big corporations and government servers have been hacked. So hacking a normal home or office PC is very simple for them.

Zemana Anti-Logger does not rely on the old fashioned Virus/Spyware definitions to detect Malware. Anti-Logger uses a new technology that protects your computer by monitoring activities. You can set your own rules or use the default rules to ensure that a Malware activity is detected and stopped before it can even completely startup, thus ensuring that your data is safe both, in your PC as well as Online.
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Zemana Anti-Logger proactively carries out continous sophisticated real-time behavioural analysis monitoring your computer for any suspecious activity. If some thing or some one is monitoring your keystrokes, crawling your hard driver searching for data or tampering with your system, trying to switch on your Webcam etc, then Zamena Anti-Logger steps in and stops that activity and gives you a warning about the same to take appropriate action.

In fact, with Zemana Anti-Logger installed you actually do not need any AntiVirus, AntiSpyware etc. You can actually uninstall all of them if you want to avoid conflicts and also because Anti-Logger is a better and safer technology.

You must be wondering that all the sites where you use your Credit Card to shop are using ultimate HTTPS and 128 bit SSL encription for security.

The hacker also knows it. So the they designe Malware to monitor your Computer before the data gets encrypted, by monitoring which keys you press, capturing all the data that you copy to your clipboard for pasting later, take screenshots of your desktop regularly, switch on your Webcam from remote locations to record your and your family's intimate private moments etc.

These methods used by internet hackers and criminals to steal your Creditcard/Bank account numbers, usernames, Passwords etc cannot be stopped by your AntiVirus or AntiSpyware tools. That is why Installing Zamena Anti-Logger Software in your Computer becomes a necessity.

Once you install Zamena Anti-Logger you don't have to keep updating your virus and spyware signatures anymore. Anti-Logger is fully compatible with your FireWall Software as well. And Anti-Logger is protected from being deactivated by a Hacker.

Anti-Logger even protects your Windows Registry and RAM or Physical Memory, making it impossible for any Malware or Online hackers to inject any type of attack to seize control of your PC or Laptop.

Zamena Anti-Logger uses very little system resources like memory, processing power and thus does not effect the performance of your computer at all.

Zamena Anti-Logger is Digitally Signed using a VeriSign Certificate which ensures the authenticity of the software right at the moment you install the Anti-Logger Software.
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